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what's going on?
  • Hey there Ohm-folks!
    I'd like to ask what is going on at the moment at the ohm-factory or ohm-laboratory or ohm-office. anyway It's been some time since I noticed the last changes in Ohmstudio and the open Beta still exists. Seems like you are really busy - are you still working on an offline mode? 64bit version? Or is the development of Ohmstudio paused for some reason? It's not my intention to blame you for anything, I just would like to know where we are with the great ohmstudio.
    So please do not take this as an upset offend - it is not, I'm just curious.
  • Hi Wolfgang,

    No problem! Our very priority at the moment is the switch from beta to full release. This involves heavy work indeed. But our dev team keeps on working on further improvements (new killer audio engine, offline mode, etc.) that will not be included in the upcoming official -non beta- Ohm Studio. You'll hear big announcements from us very soon. In the meantime, enjoy Ohm Studio!

    The Ohm Team
  • Dear Ohm-Team!

    It's been a while since the last news, so I wondered how the development of Ohmstudio is going? I'm so excited about the new audio engine, the overhaul of automation and raw midi data and the video functionality you mentioned.
    Especially since Avid announced online collaboration features for Pro Tools 12 I think It's time to express my appreciation for you guys! This project to me means one of the biggest improvements of computer based music. And it cannot be unseen that you have set the benchmark on how online collaboration could work.

    I'd love to hear from you!
  • Hey,

    We're very happy that Pro Tools announce online collaboration because it will both help people realise how important it is and how our technical solution on this is vastly superior to theirs :P

    Meanwhile we're going the other way: next update is about allowing local use of Ohm Studio. Odd world!
  • Hi,
    any news on the update? I recently noticed I've totally missed the video about the upcoming audio engine... Maybe I've missed something else too
  • Would be nice to get at least one new version per year.