Use of Ohm studio behind a firewall (i need the server IP)

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Use of Ohm studio behind a firewall (i need the server IP)
  • Hi,
    i need the server ip which Ohm studio is connecting to login because i'm behind an office firewall. They will open connection only from my ip to Ohm server ip... Could you please tell me?
  • This is copied from the F.A.Q. page ( link in menu to the left )
    I hope this is all you need.  

    Ohm Studio uses the following ports to communicate with the Ohm Studio Server:

    • 80
    • 5222
    • 9090
    • 9595

    Please make sure that your firewall / router doesn't block these ports. Same goes if your computer is behind a proxy server (e.g. at school or at work).

  • Hi x-com

    Several users have reported that Ohm Studio doesn't work if you're behind a proxy server.
    Anyway, the application use IP adress which is

  • perhaps the ports have changed?
    it's not working anymore on my end,
    is it TCP, or both TCP and UDP?

  • Hi,

    The ports have not changed.
    If someone is able to launch Ohm Studio, log in, see the chatroom, and open a project, that probably means that these ports are not blocked on his/her computer.
    But unfortunately, it doesn't necessarily mean that Ohm Studio will work flawlessly.