Renaming "Owner" (feedback is welcome)

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Renaming "Owner" (feedback is welcome)
  • Hi

    We're about to change the word Owner because many people find it confusing (regarding intellectual property and project leadership).
    We chose the word Admin to replace it, which sounds more "neutral" than Owner.
    Before we do so, we'd like to hear the "cohmunity's" opinion and suggestions.

    Thank you!
  • Yes, indeed, "admin" is very neutral, but it is common and represents well what it enables.
  • Another "agreed" - in project management, the role of "project administrator" clearly has no hierarchical level associated: you're not above or below anyone, you're just there to get those necessary administrative tasks done (usually the stuff no one else wants to get done...).  So this makes a lot of sense.
  • 'this makes a lot of sense.' +1
    It's clear that way, the administrator could even have done nothing in the project (musically speaking)