Ohm Studio hangs up scanning plugins & won't open.

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Ohm Studio hangs up scanning plugins & won't open.
  • The new build is not letting me open Ohm Studio at all anymore. I tried to reset my library path for plugins, but it still hangs up. It mainly hangs up on Native Instruments Kore FX and Maschine FX. It just sits there trying to scan them.Then I quit Ohm Studio and it brings up my projects. I then try to open a project and it forever spins the rainbow pinwheel (on my Mac) and won't load anything. I can't use Ohm Studio right now. I'm on OS 10.6.8. Anyone else have this issue?
  • I see this same crash. The last plugin is some NI VST, maybe Kore Player.
    Windows7 SP1 64bit.

    I'm not quite sure if the latest Ohm Studio installation was 100% succesful.
    I saw lots of error messages displayed in MSDOS prompt.
  • I have the same issue. Some plugins that previously were scanned without problems make Ohmstudio vst scanner hang. I've temporarily found a workaround removing the plugins that blocked the vst scanner one by one. They were not so many. I hope they will solve it soon, because I had to remove Melda Production plugins that are very very cool. My NI plugins were successfully scanned but I don't have Machine nor Kore.
  • Yeah, I was finally able to open and use Ohm Studio by removing the plugins one by one. One of my projects did crash on me later, but I had it open for quite a while also.
  • Hi

    We've just released a new version that should fix this bug.

  • Yes, this new version scanned plugins without problems in my computer.
  • it's still stuck scanning for plugins here (OSX 10.8.5) when it tries to scan my waveshell plugin
  • Hi luminate94

    Unfortunately Waveshell plugins are not supported currently.
    You should be able to see a dialog that looks like this

  • Hello,

    I just tried Ohm Studio today and can't run it also. It stays hung on some plug-ins. And nothing is written in the blacklist.

    I have 2000+ plug-ins and I know I simply cannot rename all the offenders. Without a proper scanning system I cannot run the app.

    Also off topic, I've read another thread about 64 bits. All my daws have an internal bridge, and I don't want to use jBridge. I hope Ohm Studio will bring his own bridge in the future or it will be unusable too on my rig.

    Thanks for reading and for any support.
  • Hi davias

    Unfortunately the current plugin scan system is not designed to handle 2000+ plugins very well.
    There are plans for a much better one, but it'll come together with the "v2" audio engine, which will not be ready before at least several (long) months :)

    You can find more information here if you're interested:

    As for the 2000+ plugins, did you mean 200+?
    Even 200 would still be a lot of plugins in my opinion.

  • Thank you for your kind answer,

    Maybe I'll set up a new folder with the best plugins to try Ohm Studio further on. Take your time for make the v2 a killer app.

    I meant 2000+ plug-ins ^^ I'm kinda a collector of vst and I have almost every freeware around, in a mixed 32-64 bits folder, plus a dozen of commercial plugins. (I even have one Ohmforce plugin ^^ sadly the guy who sold it to me didn't told me that resell was not endorsed and I still have his name on the GUI :P :) )

    Of course I don't use them all, but I always like to introduce a random plugin in my tracks to have something unusal, I keep discovering stuff in my folder :)

    I plan to introduce Ohmstudio to friends in order to make online collaborations with them.

  • There are several ways to use ohmstudio, but be aware that if you want to make broad collaboration, using many different plugins is not a good idea. It's inherent to collaboration: if you use exotic gear, it's hard to share it. You can bounce your track, but by definition it is not very convenient, especially if a lot of tracks contain exotic plugin. If I can, I replaces by the stock plugins and use my exotic plugins at the end, when mastering. Because getting a bounce every time there is a change in a track quickly sucks.
  • Hi alexone,

    Thanks for the headsup. What I will try (after more testing), is to set up a free common toolset of selected free plugins. And for the commercial synths we own, It will be bouncing and real time uploading of the stems, to be able to share our forces (since I always buy what my buddies don't have to have differents strenghts).