Cannot work with Revision 73358

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Cannot work with Revision 73358
  • WIth this last revision i cannot open Ohmstudio, because the vst scanner always stops working. I have many plugins (hundreds) but this has never been a problem before. The first time I launched Ohm it hang while scanning Xfer LFOtool (that was scanned without any problems with previous versions). I removed it from my Library/Audio/Plugins/Vst folder and then Ohmstudio hangs with MeldaProduction Multiband Delay. I tried removing also all Melda Production plugins but now it hangs with Powercore Declick plugin. All these was scanned without any problem before (and they are not giving any problem with Cubase and Ableton Live) 
    Please help me because I can no more run Ohmstudio

  • I also had to remove 1 vst plugin (scrubby.dll) which was causing OhmStudio to freeze while scanning after the install.
    Like you, there was no apparent problem with this plugin with previous versions/revisions
  • Hi
    It should be better now with the latest version.

  • yes, it worked