send midi data from one vsti to another?

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send midi data from one vsti to another?
  • So I am trying to use ohm with 7aliens catanya.  It needs to send midi data to another vsti inside the daw app to work.  I tried doing this in ohms but no success as of yet.  Is this even possible?


  • Hiya m8, I already give ya how to in ohm but for anyone else needing to as well.
    You will need the midi out vst which Nick from Holland guide explains.
    And you will need loopbe or similar.

    MidiOut VST Windows:

    MidiOut VST Mac:

    This is there free version of LoopBe for Windows:

    Install loopbe which gives you a virtual midi device, now put the midi out plugin on the track you need to transfer the midi form.
    Now set the output of the midi vst to loopbe.
    On the track you need the midi to go to add loopbe as the midi input, now you have the midi from one track sending to another.

    For mac there is no need to install a software liek loopbe, its built into the OS.
    Here's a setup guide:

    or this Guide:
  • Hi

    I have just watched a tutorial on how to set up Catanya in Ableton Live.
    Catanya seems to rely on the host's ability to route a MIDI signal from a
    plugin to another. But Ohm Studio doesn't have any MIDI routing at the
    moment (but hopefully in the future).

    I don't think MidiOutVST can solve the problem.
    If Catanya itself has a "MIDI out" feature, then you can use LoopBe's virtual midi device to "re-import" MIDI inside Ohm Studio.

  • Can you do this inside a MuLab MUX (which does support MIDI routing between hosted modules and is itself a VST)?
  • Hi pljones

    I guess that would work.
    There's a demo for both Catanya and Mux on Windows so we should be able to try.


  • There are good chances that bounce won't work thus. :-/

  • Hi

    I just did a quick test. The MUX-Catanya combo works fine. Bounce/Freeze also works :)
  • Is there any timeline on when selecting a Midi Input channel for a VSTi will happen? To me this is a major omission and seems pretty basic and is kind of frusterating. Similar to Catanya, I just bought Kirnu Cream and can't use it being that OhmStudio is the only VST-only-DAW I use. Midi input is an important feature.

  • This will be a negative timeline then: this was added a few months ago ;-)
  • Really? I don't see the option to select From Midi Input 1. Can someone explain how to set up an Arp VST such as Kirnu Cream or Catanya to control another synth VST in OhmStudio? I setup Kirnu Cream to send to Midi channel #1. Then I take a synth VST and I'm looking through the dropdown list and don't see any option to select 'From Midi channel #1' to control my synth VST.

    When I click on the dropdown menu for a track, all I see for 'From Midi Input' is <None> and below that I can select things like my hardware keyboard controller, but I can't select another midi track for the input. 
  • Has anyone else been able to get Midi input from another VSTi (like an Arp) to work in Ohm Studio? I'm curious if this is possible and if there is something I'm not doing right to get it to work.
  • Hi

    As I explained to the original poster, that's not possible yet unfortunately.
    However, you can use some third party VSTs like Bidule, MUX (and possibly FLStudio) to host both your Arp plugin and your VST instruments and route midi between them.