Pricing Strategy

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Pricing Strategy
  • I really like the Ohm Studio concept in terms of cross continent collaboration. I was just thinking though that wouldn't it be great if one person could buy an account but it would allow two or more users to be associated with that one account. Wouldn't that be the best option to promote collaboration?
  • Hi pauliew,

    thanks for your opinion on that.

    We are open to suggestions!

    Could you just explain us more about how this solution would help you particularly? Do you already have two or more pals to work with?

    Let us know.

  • Well I am new to the concept of Ohm Studio and have yet to have a real good test of the software but I guess I understand how the collaboration aspect of the software is its most attractive feature - particularly for inter continental collaboration. Its exciting software and I hope to see the project really take off.

    It seems to me that one user might wish to ask another user in a different location to collaborate but cost restrictions of the second potential user might prevent the collaboration.

    If the first user can control two or more accounts they can invite other musicans and the cost barrier for the second user is removed.

    I guess it would complicate things in terms of how to manage projects and licencing. You would have a master account and a restricted account or something and the master account owner would allocate a user access somehow.

    You could have a pricing policy where the more accounts a user buys the cheaper it gets.

    Maybe an alternative to this would just be an easy process which allows one user to "gift" an account to a user. I think the former would be better from a users point oif view because collabs may break down so the master account owner would want to be able to take back control of the second account they have purchased and allocate it to another user.

    Just thoughts really. Also I would guess some potential collaborators are initiators and some would be considered passive. I.e. the passive collabarators do really want to work with others but wouldn't necessarily go out of there way to organise a collaboration.
  • Hi pauliew

    We are still finalizing our offer so I can't explain exactly how, but I can confirm that you should be able to use the software with your friends even if they don't have a monthly or lifetime subscription, provided that you have a lifetime/monthly subscription.
    I don't know if that makes sense?
    Anyway thank you for your suggestions.
    We'll definitely consider the idea of gifting an account to a friend and the idea of reduced subscription rate for bands of 3/4 people... but probably at a later stage.

  • i think it is reasonable - since this is a collaboration software, that one purchase equal two licaces,