New free multi-platform sampler

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New free multi-platform sampler
  • Hiya folks, thought I'd pass this one on.

    Plogue has just released a version of their "ARIA Player" sampler engine for free.  It usually only comes with sample libraries from the likes of Garritan, Plogue, AKAI, Sony, Microsoft and MakeMusic.  This version loads all the same files and, of course, SFZ format sample mappings, so it's easy to create your own.

    There are, of course, challenges using any sampler in an environment like OhmStudio, the main one being ensuring only people licensed to have the samples get them (for content providers, anyway!).  Helpfully, there's also a free starter sample pack to go with the sampler, so if you stick to those you could hope that anyone else using the sampler also has them.

    I'm going to have to try this out rather than Kontakt in a project to see how well behaved it is in terms of collaboration.
  • Very interesting. Testing that soon.

  • Just downloaded it. Gonna check it out. Thanks for the post.