What OHM can become

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What OHM can become
  • What OHM can become.

    Beyond all the technical achievements of the software there
    is a much more important aspect of what OHM can become, and to some extent what
    it is now.

    We have the opportunity to become a worldwide family
    connected by the universal language of music. We can share ideas and become
    friends. Flavio was on holiday in the south of Italy and I saw video via Skype
    out the window of his car. I met his wife and kids via Skype. Beyond the sounds
    of his fine bass playing came a small look into his day to day life. What a joy
    and privilege to be a part of that.

    How cool it is to get to know Feng and Jamie and Alex and
    AndyMc and many many other people. How much fun it is to see drumo’s studio and
    get a little look into the land down under. How cool to hear Herman sing!! How
    much fun it is to give Red a hard time and joke with him. The value of all this
    is without measure.

    All of these connections allow us to live in a world separated
    by huge distance yet as close as the keyboard. Please reach out to people on
    this site and let them know who you are and what part of the world you live in
    and what your life is like and also what you really like in music. Tell your
    friends this is a cool place to be. There is more here than music, a lot more.



  • That's a good thread idea, Billy. I don't know how many people will see this thread in the next days but I can give it a shot.

    My name is Grégory Makles, I live in nice old city one hour from Paris called Chartres - you know, that kind of french city with medieval center & a millenium old cathedral, but also quite small. I like it here. Peaceful place, and merciful housing rates. I live in a small house with some fruit garden, getting cherry and  rapeberries when the dog don't pee on those (I am kidding)(well, most of the time). The cherry tree is just in front of the kitchen and it make that noise that is my favourite one, wind gently breezing in the leaves. I like the place. I've got a wife & kid. We're still together, doing better than our parents (at least than mine) and I am lucky enough to spend all the time I want with my kid. Which I consider a blessing in nowadays life. Everyone's healthy, we got a roof above our heads and a french health care system. We also have a british bull dog who's a nice lad when he's not farting like crazy. I consider fate to be gentle with us as I am perfectly concious that in this world, a humble life in France is actually a very wealthy life in the whole mankind. 

    Speaking of distance, I work with all the other ohmies from there (most of them in our parisian's office). I like it. The last years, it has been pretty lonely for me, doing comic books  stuff mostly. For a while I had a hard time with it but now I feel like, after all those years, I can cope with it. So it's good to be connected and do team work, even to those buggers ;-) 

    I've been doing music since my late teen age. Playing drum & composing in a band with Firesledge (another ohmie !). This band ended like band ends, but I have very intense memories of it. Later I keeped doing music with Laurent / Firesledge, using the software he was creating (graoumf tracker !) to make our stuff. Biggest achievement for us being probably that never released maxi called... Ohm Studio. A bit later we founded Ohm Force with all the other forces to do this sequencer you're all using. It was in 1999! Then we did plugin as a medium challenge, funding os how we could. I catched the disease everyone in  the software industry seems to have, and started not to finish any tracks. Which is odd because I really took music very seriously, and still do, somehow.

    I am coming from a mix of punk and psychedelic, something between early Pink Floyd, Pixies, Sonic Youth. While quite a fanatic I soften up with age and now I feel quite moved with everything that show real love for music. I am still easier on say Rythm and Blues than on Zouk, but good Zouk? I am ok with that. Years ago I would just have shot the whole band. I am becoming a better person, I guess!

    I feel enchanted by the whole ohm studio society and what it makes musically, which I guess will come to no surprise to the people here ;-)

    Oh, and I realise I should mention I am a comic book artist. I am even on the french wikipedia, hourray! Not a big shot but paid enough to be qualified as a professionnal author. My comic book / graphic novels are mostly humorous although the last one, made with Paul Jorion ("the finance's anthropologist") carries an inquisitive look on how we work (or don't work, actually) as a specy (ie : yes, finance is evil).

    Ok, next !

  • Although I'm quite new in OhmStudio (I started using it when public beta was launched) I can say that I think there's much more than a bunch of musicians playing together here. There is something that I can easily define "real friendship and respect".
    Some lines about me.
    My name is Francesco Celati, I live in Pisa (leaning tower) with my family (my wife and two children). I am a physics teacher.
    I began studying piano at the age of 6 and I was classicaly trained till I went to University. After getting the degree I felt the urgence of returning to music, but in a completely different way.
    I wanted to compose. So I devoted my first income to buy a Roland arranger and Cakewalk Sonar 1 (bought second hand from a scottish studio on ebay). Then I passed a lot of time learning midi programming and starting composing tracks using the arranger as a sound module driven by Cakewalk. Then I was swept away by the virtual studio (VST) idea, and by realizing that my tunes, with the use of VST began to reach a good sound quality and a quite good level of realism. Then I enrolled to Music for the media online course, where I learnt to score music for pictures, videogames, and to a Wisconsin University course on composition (where I was forced to compose "on paper" and not with sequencer, that was a crucial part of my musical education, because it forced me to think about structure, simmetries, theme, motives, development, recapitulation, all the things that we hate to learn but we like to hear in music).
    After completion of these courses I started to score for media, and I was quite lucky because, after having posted my site online, two local video companies contacted me for a permanent collaboration. I had a very good time. That was not because I earned some money from music (that was all reinvested in gear, vst, etc... yes I am a compulsive buyer), but because I had a timeline, because I knew for certain that my music would be heard by many many people and seeing my name on the final credits of a documentary was really exciting. My work consisted mainly in scoring music for corporate videos, short documentaries, some commercials (the main request was dance music, some new age, some chill out).
    Then financial and economic crysis forced both these companies to go bankrupt and my work in music was gone too. I continue to score music for a local association that produces documentaries, but at a very very slow rate. So a "dark musical time" came, from which Ohmstudio rescued me.
    Pisa is musically dead. Never a music festival (apart from sacred music, that's fine but that's devoted to classical sacred music Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach ....), nothing devoted to new music... the most part of local bande are "cover" bands and most of the times very closely bound to a specific genre.
    Ohmstudio gave me again the fun to play music. Meeting each day talented musicians and, as I said, real friends is an infinite value. And, to some extent, I feel that here, in Ohmstudio, making a song where the drums are played in Australia or in Netherlands, the bass in Italy or in UK, the guitar in USA or Switzerland just to make some examples, we are somehow writing a page in music history, even if we cannot get that song to the top charts.

  • I am not sure how to say this in words. I will try to make a link to some photos.

    See if this works.

  • That's big fish, Billy.
  • As one of the silent minority (or maybe majority?) who use Ohm Studio but have not publicly collaborated I thought I would use this thread to say 'Hi'.

    I have been messing about making music on and off for nearly 30 years - even to have made records that were played on the radio in the UK and France (although only on the sort of late night shows that play the more weird stuff!). Nothing that ever sold or made any money though.

    From real synths that took up half the room to rack loads of gear synced together precariously via midi and an Amiga computer, right through to today when my basic set up is a laptop and a mini keyboard controller, I have seen the miniaturisation of music making.

    Ohm Studio has allowed me to collaborate again with someone I last seriously recorded with 20 years ago (we lived nearer and had less real life commitments back then!). We figured we'd try it out while it was available as a public beta and ended up enjoying it so much we have both taken out life memberships.

    I look forward to future developments and hope Ohm goes on to be huge and that the community continues to grow as a great place for everybody who wants to work together either publicly or privately.

    (I should also say Ohmboyz has been my favourite delay plugin for years - I purchased my copy when it first came out, which must be years ago now!)
  • If this is the biography part of discussion here goes...
    Harry Stiles.   Born and raised in Texas.  Died at 14 years old following a motorcycle accident.  Brought back to life, by the fact that I had ruptured my aorta and it formed a blood clot.  While receiving CPR the blood clot moved out of the aorta and into my legs, making my heart start beating again...But alas, lost the use of my legs for many years...
    While spending the next 4 years in hospitals and re-hab centers, my main focus was music, as I had picked up my step fathers guitar a month before the accident...I would learn chords and Beatles songs.   Not just learn them, but dissect how they recorded their instruments, put the instruments together in their songs...and above all, paid special attention to how George Martin recorded and arranged their songs...Heavy on the bass guitar and Drums, with killer harmonies, and inventive guitar parts all mixed together like a whitches brew...not to mention the use of non-rock and roll instruments, like strings, sitars ...etc....
    These lessions I carried with me the rest of my life.  I often look back at that time in my life.  But it was not a waste, even though I could not walk for years.  I look back and think that the reason I can write songs and make them sound half way decent even to this day, was because of the time I spent listening to and dissecting the music which I was fond of, instead of just giving up. 
    Having discovered Ohm Studio, I think I was one of the first closed beta testers way back in June 2011, was a great happening in my life also.  I had lost a leg a few years ago, because of the accident I had as a teenager.   As i get older and sicker, I can still participate in the making of music with other people.   If it were not for Ohm Studio, I would not be able to do this.  I would not have met really cool people like the Force Guys...Jamie...and all the other great people I have worked with here.....So for that Ohm, I owe you a debt of gratitude.....

  • So I'll present myself: my name is alexone, I'm 100 years old.
    In fact, my real name is alextwo. Indeed, I have two faces. I never managed to do one thing at time. So I have part rock musician and part academic in the humanities. None is really well done.
    I started making music in a rock band. Then, wanting to make music, I registered in a school to learn the "serious" musical theory and technique. But after two years, I gave up, disgusted by the shredder spirit of the students. So I enrolled at the university and ... I'm still in it ...
    I'd almost dropped the guitar when...
    in the mid-2000s, I started a band project, then a second, then others projets .... I currently play in two amateur bands and I have some side projects .... and I'm a proud owner of a lifetime subscription to ohm studio!!
    I'm dreaming of the day I find the solution to just music. For now, my fucking job takes a lot of time. Today, for example, I'm  alone in a hotel, 800km from home for a conference. I'd rather be on tour with a band. That life is poorly made!
    Should organize the Big Ohmstudio Circus World Tour! Sure, for that I'm leaving wife and children to be in.
    I'm looking forward to play with you all!

    ps: otherwise, as red force, I'm also in comics.... but really!
    if you want to find me in the real life, search "professeur Topolino" and come to my home, by introducing you as ohmies: you'll be welcome!