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Windows Ocho (8)
  • Geez...I hope everything will be fine with the new Window I just ordered a new computer with this as my operating system...If there are any issues, i will be sure to post them...only time will tell....unless someone else has used it?
  • Hi Harry! How are you? It's been a while :)

    Well to be honest we haven't tried el ocho yet.
    I've read some reviews and it seems that many people are skeptical about the new Windows. It's usually safer to wait a few month before upgrading, usually because of compatibility issues with drivers etc.


  • :S It has a tiles screen when it starts, then it can go to windows look but has no start button, you have to access start button differently now.
    From what I've seen of it its a FAIL, and could well allow other OS's a chance to jump in.

    I'd keep ya Windows 7 disc handy, or key at least Harry.