rev 70727 Close Project hang

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rev 70727 Close Project hang
  • I just did Close Project on my "MIDI Workshop" project.  At the time, there was no network activity.  I had just tried adding a new Audio track and importing an AIF file, which appeared to have failed (I got asked if I wanted to stretch the 86bpm loop to the project BPM but then "nothing happened (tm)").  OhmStudio then hung ("Not responding") - but using about 30% CPU (across four cores).

    Aha... after ten minutes, it's managed to close the project.

    I tried going back in and straight out and it's hung again.  (The audio file wasn't there.)
    [edit]Yes, almost identical period time that it hung for as far as I could tell.[/edit]

    The change log indicates this was meant to have been an area that was changed..?
  • Checked 70818 and it still hangs.  Almost exactly 10 minutes, so I'm guessing there's a timeout in the code to rescue some process from looping forever.
  • Hi pljones.

    I cloned the MIDI Workshop project just to see if I could reproduce the bug.
    The "hang" didn't happen though. We're pretty sure the problem is on the server side but it's hard to tell where exactly.
    We've extended the beta in order to redesign a large part of the server's architecture and have better monitoring and analysis tools to help fix these kind of problems.