Track Lock Function CRITICALLY NEEDED!

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Track Lock Function CRITICALLY NEEDED!
  • HI--we were in Get Better #1 all day.  An amazing track developed. Hours and hours were spent recording.  I left the project to check out the other ones..I went back in there...and there was a newbie who had just completely deleted THE ENTIRE PROJECT because he "was following a tutorial about clearing Racks."  The guy had no clue that he was erasing the project irreversibly.

    I did not make a  clone backup of the project. I am hoping that the others that did all the instrument recording did.

    PLEASE make a track lock function that only allows the owners who posted the audio to delete their stuff.  It would even be good to make it so that the owner can only edit their track, but that other people can make copies of the track to do editing as they want.
  • This is one of the reasons I dislike "how to" tutorials...  You should start with the "Why would I?" and "Is it appropriate here?" tutorials but no one ever bothers to read them...
  • As the person who did this, I would definitely agree. I had no clue I was destroying everyone's work. A track lock function seems like a really good idea, somebody deleting a track on accident/out of stupidity is a danger, and then you definitely have to worry about people who might deliberately delete something. 
    In addition, the thought of how-to versus why is really valid. Perhaps dropping new users in somewhere they can't do any damage while they figure out what's going on, or make it a lot more clear the gravity of your actions in this kind of environment. 
    Also, sorryyyyyyyyyy. =/
  • Np fantast--luckily some others had it cloned as a we figured out that you can import the wavs from the cache copy of the files that are downloaded when you enter into a song. So its all good.  
  • Thank God. I was totally terrified that I'd just wandered into this and burned down Babylon within like 30 minutes of having an account. 
  • I have still yet to use Ohmstudio really collaboratively, but i can see what the problem is.
    Wouldn't a "per contributor" lock/authorization be the perfect solution ?
    The owner could choose who could modify the track and who couldn't
  • I think this is no easy solution, because removing editing capabilities is removing fluency of collaboration. There is not only erasing that is damageable (it's the worst, I agree, but a newbee can desync a track, modify all the mix, etc..). I don't have The solution, but some ideas that can be improved.

    But first, I find that by accident, the rack are too easily erasable: there should be a confirmation to delete a rack.

    What about a system that makes manipulation more "complicated" for contributor (with confirmation for each crucial operation like erasing, moving)?

    Another idea would be to add an intermediate type of project for access rights: project where the owner can select the operations that are allowed for contributors (play, record, erase, mix, export, etc..). This could be combined with the former idea: what operation is allowed without confirmation (by default), what operation is allowed with confirmation, what operation is blocked.

    The newbees should be directed towards a list of initiation projects (a selection of clone of old project)
  • Actually we have a solution coming soon. It will not prevent the wrong use, but it will make it dead easy to recover from it. Considering the frequency of this happenning (ie rare but can happen) we feel it's better then creating a lock feature that would creat its own troubles ("damn, that track I need to move a clip on is locked by someone who's not connected")

    Note that any loss happening now and since a few week isn't a definitive loss already, although you'll have to wait for the get it back.

  • Guys, this is an experimental airplane…a prototype. So here
    is the real world. Shit happens!

    The developers are working day and night to install fail
    safe devices. We will get the machine working as best as we can, based on the
    time and money at hand. If you think this is easy become a C++ programmer and
    fix all this stuff, get back to me with just how easy it is.


    But the bottom line….you are still the damn pilot, so learn
    to fly or crash. Ask questions before you act. Don’t assume anything. And for
    all you experienced pilots take the time to teach the new pilots or crash and
    burn with them.

    This is a digital analog workstation, not a damn video game.
    It takes skill to operate it. That skill is within anyone’s reach. It ain’t
    rocket science, but it cannot be learned in five minutes.  And I don’t give a damn if you are the owner
    of the project, it is rude as hell to just delete someone’s work without asking
    for their OK. Mute yes, move it out of the way yes, clone it and send it to
    them yes. This comment is not about beginner or pro. Beginners often bring brilliant
    ideas to projects. Pro’s often play stuff that does not fit the concept at all.
    We  all have value here.

    Music is a team sport….your job and mine is to support the
    team. There are many of us here who care deeply about each other, brothers and
    sisters in arms so to speak.


    Don’t get you knickers in a bunch…this will all work out.

  • red, this seems to be very good news for those who experienced the problem
  • Hi all.

    Our goal is to have a Snapshot feature ready before the end of the Beta in January. It's not the same as a Track Lock function but it was massively requested in our survey. Then we'll consider Track Locking, hopefully shortly after the January official release.

    Thank you for your patience.
  • Good evening to all,
    I read attentively all the comments, then I left on the project " a little rock ".
    Meanwhile, I think of credit note thinks about the problem of the locking, because I have an idea. 
    Could we work as on a drawing board, with copies?
    I am understandable:
    The creator of the project, it is the drawing.
    I compose, on this drawing, by creating a copy.
    1 - Let be the creator of the project accept the copy, as it is.
    2 - Let be the creator of the project refuse the copy.
    3 - Let be the creator of the project accept the copy, but wants to bring modifications.
    In the case 1: my copy belongs to the drawing.
    In the case 2: the creator thanks me and explains that my copy does not correspond to its inspirations. The copy is sent on "Inbox".
    In the case 3: the creator me contact by mail, wants of my copy and explains the modifications which I has to bring.
    Finally, each is the holder of his creation.
    How do we make when we are in a room of rehearsal ?
  • How do we make when we are in a room of rehearsal ?

    You find an agreement. This part Ohm Studio won't solve for you! That being said you can work like you said already using the clone feature, assuming the track's owner made it possible. But in practice, it's only done for either arranging or mixing, but not really composing the parts - for that it's simpler to get people to just put there stuff and mute it or keep it.

  • There's a saying in the UI world that anything you would put a "Are you sure?" prompt on is something you SHOULD be providing an easy "Undo" button for instead. And this sounds like the classic case here as well.

    The "take a snapshot" or a "save point" you can revert to sounds like a great way to address this as well. (Just like version control systems for software projects!) Though you might want some, more complicated way perhaps, to prune really old or excessive snapshots or else snapshots will need to be REALLY cheap so you can have tons.

    Local "snapshots" would also work here, so you could take a local backup, effectively, and that way the level of "need to be safe" versus "taking up tons of disk space" is a decision managed by the local user.
  • Hi.

    The 1st version of the Snapshot feature is almost ready and should be in the next update.
    We'll need everybody's feedback then.

    "Local snapshots" will also probably come at a later stage, but they'll serve a different purpose: completely remove a project from the server and possibly keep working on it with the (yet to be developed) offline version of Ohm Studio :)

  • Wunderbar! That's great to hear! And a fabulous accomplishment as well. (It's easy to SAY make it "undo"-able, and quite another to accomplish it!)
  • Hi

    Snapshot will be sort of "undo/redo-able": you can revert to an older version of your project and then revert back to the state it were in just before that.
    You can also Clone a project, and still have access to older snapshots. For exemple if you don't like the way a collaborative project has evolved while you were "away", you can Clone it and use the Snapshot feature without affecting the original project.

  • that's really cool, orange