Is the " life time" deal a fair deal ?

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Is the " life time" deal a fair deal ?
  • I have just done "the deed" and become a life time member   8->

    Then I thought "I've been screwed"  :(( 

    I'm 50 and maybe can only use ohm for 10  years if my hearing hold up   8-|-

    What about the 20 year old's that buys the life time deal and get 40 years out of it   X( 

    Why can't I get a 50+ and a little bit deaf discount like 75%  %-(

    All you oldies out there 

  • I cannot imagine that it is truly lifetime. You will likely have to pay another lifetime membership  when OhmStudio version 2 comes out.
  • That would be a real shame! What do you say, Ohm?
  • I'm seriously considering it.  I really like that working on a project automatically makes an off-site backup.  I have "lifetime free updates" to FL-Studio and it's nice to always get the latest and greatest.  But I realize that, as with FL, they're a business and will occasionally entice me to purchase add-ons, which is spelled out in their FAQ: "if Ohm Studio comes to include an internal plug-in shop or a
    professional paying service accessible for a higher monthly fee, these
    extra items not included in the standard offer wouldn't be featured in
    the lifetime offer either."

    The only hitch is that the latest update is the first to give me installation problems, meaning I'm dead in the water until a new update.
  • You have to consider usual price for a software. Do you really expect that, for less than $ 200, a team of developers working exclusively for your software for 10 years? We must be realistic. I believe ohm studio is actually a great product and I have no hesitation to buy it whatever the actual conditions will be in five years.
  • I cannot imagine that it is truly lifetime. You will likely have to pay another lifetime membership when OhmStudio version 2 comes out.

    We wrote it, we meaned it. It's the lifetime corresponding to what you get for the subscritpion, which does include client update. Now maybe... if we make an iPhone app... a new plugins... a service that delivers coffee through your HD (cool, eh ?) we'll find a way to make you pay for something else. But that will be something else ;-)

    About realism, it's true that this offer would be impossible at a large scale. But this is the launch and the problem is entirely different. It's about getting enough money to do what's needed to reach a larger scale. So it's mutual investment : you invest money in OS, we invest lifetimes account in OS. And it will stop in october (or before in cas of "dangerously big success") and that will be it for the lifetime. 

  • Given the huge potential of this, I would say it depends on what your plans are. Of course if this is only to do some projects here and there, more in the hobby side of things, it may not be worth it, but for a mexican composer starting at videogame music (hint ;p), having tried it with a colleague it really ups the productivity by "a lot-percent". 
    Our biggest problem is the lack of midi export, but I have read that it is a prioroty, so, as Red_Force put it, we are investing on you, so that you invest on us. Seems like a win-win situation to me. 
    My grain of salt on the matter.
  • Our biggest problem is the lack of midi export

    Word in the street is that you will have to name a new biggest problem pretty soon ;-)

  • I guess next big issue would be video handling. At least video window. But yeah, I'm sticking with it to see what comes along. Thanks!
  • It's a GREAT deal!!!!!
  • My day job is as a "quant" in the finance / investment industry and my concern about the lifetime deal is that it's too cheap - at any reasonable discount rate, OhmForce is committing to provide servers, storage, and the ongoing labor to maintain them forever for a cost that (at the current price) would be low for a contract of 1 to 3 year duration.  So they are basically giving you years two through infinity for free.  Giving away server time that has a recurring labor cost to maintain is much more expensive than providing "free updates" to software, since the latter is just making extra copies of something, while the former involves ongoing work by a paid employee forever.

    So it's a good deal provided that their pricing scheme doesn't put them out of business!  I was actually against them offering lifetime memberships for this reason when I took the survey, and I imagine they will eventually have to stop offering them.

  • I'm not in the investment industry, so I can't really back this up, but it would seem to me that the money they are getting from this deal is to jump-start the full fledged version of the software, as well as to attract captive customers who may in turn get them more customers (this is a "community" project after all).  That said, Ohm Force has indeed established a time frame to remove the offer (which in my case was a big incentive on getting it, hence the captive customer) and they even said they may take it off in case it becomes too successful. My guess is that they set a limit and whenever they hit it they will no longer offer that price. 
    I also hope they don't go out of business, but as someone pointed out elsewhere, it's not actually "lifetime" it's more the lifespan of the product.

  • Esteban - you're right for sure.  I hadn't read the entry that said this was a limited deal - the first time I heard about it was when they sent out that survey and indicated that lifetime membership would just be part of the regular pricing scheme, which would be a bad idea.  But using it on a limited basis as a funding source is a great idea - way better than borrowing or taking investment from "vulture capitalists."  Kinda like a DIY kickstarter.

    So I'd say it IS a good deal, although I'm still going to wait to get my hands on a 64 bit version before I shell out cash.
  • I have been told by THE_FORCE that you are entitled to ALL versions and updates 64 bit version included, once you have purchased your pre-order.
    I have a life time and will upgrade when it's out so I wouldn't wait.They even say this offer is only available till October but may end earlier depending on demand! 
    I do agree it's a brilliant strategy to get the ball rolling and I'm pouncing of friends screaming BUY BUY BUY so as a marketing trick spot on.In the long term I think there will only be subscriptions.
    I regard my self one of the lucky ones and I think it is also a nice way to thank the people that tear there hair out because of the teething problems.
    On a side note
    With the economic situation in Europe as it is we could all lose everything we have. But NO ONE can take away my OHM-STUDIO ACCOUNT !!!!!!!             
  •  Kinda like a DIY kickstarter.

    Indeed :P

  • How does this work, are you allowed to sell your lifetime membership? I ask because while I like Ohmstudio, I'm not sure if I will see the main features I want for realtime collaboration.
  • I paid 79 $ for what was then fruityloops, back in 1999. It was life time but I have then had to paid twice (i think) for major addons, about 30-60$ each. adding a couple of plugins etc.even if i might have spent a good 300$ in total, considering the usage and spreading the cost over the years It has been a super deal.

    This Life time is a super deal too - even if the comapny dies on us in 2-3 years. Business  wise (layman) I think there are more options to be considered - and maybe even possible to have parallel schemes? I think that even if they remove it it might be good idea to offer different options even after playing with the "high" initial cost "low subscription Vs "Low initial cost" - higher subscription rate.

    I also think the Kickstarter reference is adequate. We'd invest a confidence something we believe in.

    @reselling you license. I would say no. FL does not.
  • Hi.
    According to the terms of use:
    You agree that you are not allowed to use any other account than yours
    or let anyone else use your account, be it for free or against money,
    even for a limited time.

  • That doesn't address transfer of ownership, orange_force, which I think it what was being asked about.  The "your" in the term would be a different person, the remainder of the term would not be violated.  If I sell my car to someone, it is no longer "my car".  I am not "letting the other person use my car, either for free or against money".  I have sold it.  It is no longer mine.
  • I thought the prices would get higher every month. Did I hurry for nothing:(
  • Hi coinop.

    The price will get higher on August 13th because we introduced the lifetime subscription on July 13th.
    The price for the 6 month subscription won't increase though.


  • It went up .......the hurry was well worth it  :))
  • Well as long as the force don't plan on visiting us all from our addys we gave them then assassinating us all then maybe it will be a lifetime. :D

    Atm people might think but is it worth it? But with the new updates to come and I'm sure many other suggested ones then it really will be a force to be reckoned with. Already I now find doing a quick master, producing others work and so on very very quick and easy to achieve.
    Automation tracks, what a lovely thing to have at our fingertips.
    I'm guess that when the midi output option is available too that creating a track will just need setting to same output as previous, or maybe to make it much simpler for folk to allow (Create Automation Track) when we right click to normally insert track. Then it can auto make automation track for previous midi track. When we have a pile of tracks on one multitimbre vst we will really have a fantastic tool at our tips.
    Good thing is not all need to know all options, most just need to play and others can mix, producer, master etc.

    A few more really needed features, to be able to collapse a single track, be able to collapse all automation tracks which are attached to a parent track, parent being the track the automation control.
    Also the ability to hide racks from the mixer rack and sequence window, so say we have our new rack which has 4 tracks using 1 vst instrument, then we route the pins out to a few fx chains in the modules window, well it would be good to be able to hide these from the sequencer and mixer windows.
    Also maybe later allow us to group tracks or modules to allow for say tidy option that clumps the modules grouped together to allow for each finding. maybe groups could have a coloured light on them to identify them.
    OHM has got so good that sometimes with all the lovely buttons and gadgets it can be easy to get lost and looking for things.
    Group coloured options would be nice to organize projects on the go too, so you can say to someone, lay ya bass down then ya could go in and add it to a group. On big projects and Events this would help organize all, plus maybe a collapse option of groups, to hide all tracks in a group and show as one track, even if there records are just lines.

    I only request stuff I know you already have a backbone infrastructure already made, so it's more about nice gui, linking and using stuff already there.
    Sorry for constantly making requests, I do try to pace them out and not dump them all in one go. This stuff really will make OHM a more productive tool, and for composers, producers, mixers this is what makes a program most liked, the ease and speed  it can be done at, as well as it keeping a more simple look with out being a brain strain to look at, which I think imo that OHM is nice to look at.

  • if they add Ableton style live clip playing I'm in.
  • If more people Join they will have the resources to make it ..............I guess we all have the choice to be the chicken or the egg.

    Personally I would rather go for the egg with a nice slice of toast and some Marmite    
  • Here's a fair tribute to the "lifetime" deal coming from some Ohm Studio users: