Feature Request: Add sequencing tricks to the Piano Roll (like Geist)

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Feature Request: Add sequencing tricks to the Piano Roll (like Geist)
  • You can watch the video, labeled Geist Tutorial: Patterns, Pads and Layers, below to see what I'm talking about. In addition to this, Geist has what is called 'Drag Edits' under the Quick Tips 12 video.

    Anyways, in this first video at around 2:00 into it, they show you how you can select a how chunk of notes and change the velocity at the same time. You can also I believe hold down alt + click and it will allow you to incrementally add fade ins and fade outs. Geist also has the 'Insert Patterns' that you can have drawn in for you with a click of the mouse. The Drag Edits is even cooler, but I think that might be stretching it to incorporate those features into a big DAW. 

    Maybe I just haven't learned the piano roll of OhmStudio that well yet, but I just love using Geist because it's so intuitive and quick to use. I find OhmStudio intuitive as well, but in a different way for different purposes. Adding features like that are in Geist, would really make OhmStudio awesome and a blast to use. 

  • Hi

    Thank you for your suggestions. The piano roll is still pretty basic. We've actually started working on some little improvements that you can see in this video (in particular better velocity editing, including velocity fade-in/outs).
    Some of the features shown in these 2 videos are unique to Geist I believe, because vst2 protocol does not allow per note paramters like Pan or Cutoff I think.


  • piano roll i hope that soon is added, preview sample by clicking on keyboard key. with drums it's so good to hear this.
  • O i see it has been added in the last update thanks so much ohm!!
  • That sounds interesting but I am worried that if we say "here's a copyright feature" we'll create an expectation where some people will hold us responsible to protect that copyright. Even if we do this clean on the legal front, that will encourage this illusion. Ultimately, it will be dead simple with VAC or Jack to record the copyrighted thing anyway then clone a project, use it etc.

    Some suggested we allow for watermarking and that could be enough but I think we'd do a better job getting some traceability like "this sample was brought by x at this exacte time." The former apparition of a content always seem to me like the best possible guarante one can expect in term of IP protection.

  • Hi andymc
    andymc said:

    Hiya this is like a request and bug report in one.

    I'll give an working example then the bug will make more sense.
    I recorded some hats, then on the same vst I was adding a 2nd part to the hats to overlay the first.
    I record then realised I had recorded over the previous midi, so I copied the new part, then used undo to get last part back, then made new track and went to past what I had copied before undoing.
    This is very handy for mistake and if you made a mistake but need to keep some current work since.
    Only prob is OHM crashes when you try to paste after undoing.

    So it's sort of a can this work to be a new feature? :)

    Thanks for reporting, we'll try to fix it soon!

    andymc said:

    Oh one tool that's missing which would help lots, if the line tool, so say I want to make a ramp in velocity by click and dragging a line over. Also with this tool should only affect notes selected, so velocity etc of others isn't affected.

    We've actually started working on something like that. It's not ready yet but soon hopefully!