Any one else had problems with midi devices??

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Any one else had problems with midi devices??
  • Installed the programme today and i think it's amazing and it can only get better as time goes on, but for some reason i can't get it to recieve a signal from my midi keyboard or midi sampler, it's picked them up in the midi menu and i've selected them for use but still no luck. can anyone help or is it just something that hasn't been perfected within the programme yet?
  • You need the track in "record" setting (not armed): in the track header, you want "ON" selected and the record button red.  (Make sure also the hear collab freeze is NOT selected... I've missed that a few times.)  Then, when you play, you should see the MIDI light flickering at least.  If that's not happening, you'll need to check your MIDI Ins are set up correctly in Preferences.  If you're getting MIDI In but no sound, you'll need to check stuff like MIDI Channels (and that you've got a MIDI synth that actually should make sounds, of course!).
  • Hi.

    You can find more information about MIDI monitoring here:

    That's something that indeed needs to be "perfected" but it should already work with your MIDI keyboard.

  • Would be nice being able to select track area use up and down arrows to select tracks and auto arm the track selected.