Import or drag and drop Mp3's to track

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Import or drag and drop Mp3's to track
  • I have to convert from mp3 to wave before adding to a track.
    Is it possible ( technically, legally or interestingly ) to have some way to do this within OHM_studio ?
  • Legally, it should pose no problem as the Lame encoder/decoder is licensed under LGPL.
    Whether it's easy to implement for the devs i have no idea.
    It could be useful being able to download the Lame encoder to the OS installation dir (or somewhere), thus adding mp3 functionality.
  • You can write source code or produce a binary and say "You can have this".  The owner of the format can still go, "Oh yeah but you still need to license use of it".  Two different things.

    MP3 is a pain because of such issues.  Use an open format like Ogg.
  • My point was that I have to convert from mp3 to ogg to you use it in Ohm_studio.

    I just wondered if it could be done automatically from within OHM_studio it's self.

    I'm just a lazy sod lats all.