Drummer needed!!!

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Drummer needed!!!
  • Hello there guys!!!

    I am looking for a drummer out there to work on a solo project

    I am playing in a band but i wanna try some new stuff solo... I got a super cool singer onboard.. check out my gear and skills for more info...

    for any references on my style you can check out my band on facebook, or reverbnation and myspace..Band name is Lefthanded society

    We play alternative rock but i would like to start a project with a little more experimentation and i already have quite a few riffs, sounds, lyrics song ideas...

    whoever out there is interested and has the ability to record drums accoustically or electronically buzz me please ;)

  • There are loads of us in here :)

    Just send me an invite and I'll put something in.
    You should do the same with other drummers and then decide who's style you like the most.

  • Cheers Nick!!! :) I am new in here so I only bounced a single track just for a taste... I will start a proper project so i can send you invite ;)

    Theo (Chaos)
  • No prob chaos  :)
  • Hey, sounds interesting.

    Wild stuff - I'm a southpaw as well if that counts for anything.

    Give me a holler !

    Best Regards, 

    Bongo John
    39 years drumming now