OS lacks...

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OS lacks...
  • ... decent fades for audio files and decent controls over the track, like those ALL the DAWs have. The concept of OS is excellent and maybe revolutionnary, but I would personnaly never buy a life subscription if OS can't replace my current DAW x_X

    Keep the good work, you're on the right way, I love what you droped here ^^
  • Hi oevl.

    Well I won't blame you. There are other people who feel the same the way.
    But the lifetime subscription won't be available anymore when/if Ohm Studio becomes good enough to replace your current DAW.
    It is like placing "bet" on Ohm Studio.
  • oevl 
    What OHM_studio doesn't have now, they can add later.
    What OHM_studio does have the others can't add now.

    Your's truly OHMmie_vita