Midi track disappearing after recording.

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Midi track disappearing after recording.
  • I after recording a midi in track, it gets deleted or "vanishes" after I stop recording. 
    It;s is possible to undo recording and redo record but the track will only reappear for a short time then "POOF" gone. :O

    Extra info
    Only happens on long tracks 
    Only happens with my SPD SX midi input and not my UM49 Keyboard input ( both USB ) .
    Midi OX shows that my SPD SX is producing a lot of CMR data.  :-?
  • Filter it out in MIDI OX? :)

    Can you see note off messages coming through or just note ons?
  • That's the plan pljones
     but the filter should be built into ohm if that is in fact the bug!

  • Hi, normally a Pattern vanishes only if it contains no MIDI event, for example if Ohm Studio did not read any incoming MIDI data from the selected MIDI input during the recording.
    On the other hand there is also a bug that sometimes appears when there's "a lot" of MIDI events being recorded in a single take, so that may be the issue.

  • Thx Orange lets call it "midi drowning" I'll look it filtering my midi input a.s.a.p. and let you know the results. 
  • I am having a similar problem but with audio.I can still see a track but I am not getting playback...I have had this problem a few months ago before the new updates and thought it was fixed.Any solutions?
  • harmonyck 
    Don't think the issue is the same at all but i just wondered if the tracks were bounced or not ?
    ( and I have had problems with this as well ) is your hard disk getting a bit full which would cause odd things due to lack of space for the cache ? 

    oh and did you send a bug report from withing ohm ?????
  • Just for the record the last two projects I have done  ( after the midi out update ) using only midi to record my drums have worked perfectly. So I guess the problem I had has been solved or removed by that update.  =D>