Dual > mono Screen switching issue

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Dual > mono Screen switching issue
  • I have dual screens set up you recommend.
    If I try to switch from dual back to single the single sceen jumps to right (2) monitor only in full screen mode.
    I have no means of moving or minimizing the screen but can go back to dual mode.
    Only way to correct this is stop and restart OHM  
  • Hi nick.

    I'm not sure I understand the problem.
    What if you click on the "2" icon in the bottom bar to switch to double fullscreen and click on it again to disable double-fullscreen? Doesn't it get back to "windowed-mode" and allow you to move/minimize the window?

  • It dropped to single mode but moved from the left to the right screen plus there was no top right window icons.

    BUT The last update fixed it !!!!!!!!!!! :-bd