the use of non shared VST's in a project and the inability to modify the rack.

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the use of non shared VST's in a project and the inability to modify the rack.
  • I recorded drums on a public project the other day and I went back to have a listen after I had seen a lot people join in.
    Some of it I liked some of it I didn't, but that's the whole point of open projects.
    How ever one thing did annoy me great deal. 
    Apart from my track not being copied and then edited to an other persons taste they had used a VST I don't have and "Bounced".....
    Not only do I find it rude to "screw around" with someone else's work but now I can't edit or remove the VST   :((

    I don't think OHM can really address this problem without compromising the product but I do wonder if some kind of owner ock would be possible or even desired. I have read people have had projects totaled by "inconsiderate  people" and although this is less drastic it's leave's you with the same feeling.

    Please don't say "clone it first" because I know that's what you should do if you want to protect it, but that's not the point I want to make. [-X

    I wonder what views others have on this one   

    P.S.  OHM_studio has endless number of tracks ........never edit and original just
  • I'm hoping an etiquet will develop for this...  After all, it's early days.

    Version control is part of it, too...  Copying the track means you've got something to go back to if you decide you screwed up, too, even if you wrote the track in the first place..! :)

    So I'm with you: copy, edit the copy.  If everyone likes it, make that the primary.  If everyone agrees to kill the old one, go for it.  But think carefully before deleting anything: like Nick says, there's plenty of tracks there... do you need to delete it..?
  • I think "The Force" would appreciate it, if people delete what's unnecessary in the end of a project to save server space.The more we waste the more they must charge. 
    I like the world "etiquette" although a bit of a big word for most drummers but it can ever be policed ?
    I think it's good to create a charter of "OHMehavior" but we can not expect OHM_studio to do anything other then point "members" in the right direction and maybe provide a few web pages on the subject.
    Unfortunately as in the "actual world" there are people that treat the property of others with no respect and the only thing that OHM could do is ban some one ( I know it works it has already happened to me     
    :-))  ) but that's the last thing to do to a paying customer !
    But thanks for comments pljones and maybe we should come up with a rough draft of "OHMehavour" and pass it around to see what everyone think ?   

  • Every Good DAW Deserves Wiki.  It's probably something "the Ohm community" needs for itself, too, and would be a good, open way to pass around ideas like this.  Or get a one of the Ohm guys to sticky this thread... might be the easiest.
  • Hi nick, we didn't mean to ban you or anyone else. It was probably an unexpected bug.

    We'll try to have some sort of etiquette or recommendation for effective collaboration as well as try to give more tools for Owners to keep control over their projects.
    Since there are several things that might change in the next 3 months, we'll probably wait for the end of the beta to get together all these "tips" into an official charter of "OHMehavior".
    You're welcome to start gathering all your ideas and recommendations here.