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Get a Ohmstudio 'LifeTime' for FREE
  • Hi Yall

    I will purchase a Ohmstudio lifetime for whoever can mix my 10 track album.
    I will upload 10 tracks, all you need to do is mix and master them with LOVE.

    The person, who I think mixed most my track the best will get the Ohmstudio lifetime. First price
    If you mixed some track good, you will get the second price that is a 6 month pack.
    Unfortunately we have no third price, so next time better.
    (I will buy both products on the 25-7-2012 and @ a later stage the prices will be handed over)

    Why this? Because I'm a little lazy with mixing and I wanna promote Ohmstudio a little.

    Thanks Cheers

  • =D> NICE ONE 

    I might have a go at one for fun to see if you like it !  
  • Here are the HARSH rules. 
    You relinquish all rights after you finish the mixing & mastering (so no royaltyfees after the job)
    But your name will be mentioned and you can win first or second price.
    If enough people wanna join the ride on the 31th july the winners will be pronounced.

  • The Album can be download by going to: 
    Password: Qwerty1

    Click on the wetransfer email and DOWNLOAD

    And there are 11 tracks, but this should be easy peasy.... 
    All tracks are running @ 120bpm.
    Thanks 4 your responce Nick In Holland
  • I thought they would be in clone able ohm projects ?

  • I wish I was on here sooner for that!! Maybe I'll give it a try, can't say I'll be done by 7/25/12 though
  • Will y'all extend it to the 31st??

  • Of course. And on August, September, October it should still be there, but with higher price.
  • H! I changed my mind. Everbody got the whole month august to mix and master the 11 track album.

    First price Ohmstudio 'LifeTime'
    Second Price Ohmstudio ' For 6 months'
    Third price OhmForce 'T-shirt' You may pick which

    I will upload the tracks, but i'm still a rooky @ that.
    I will buy Ohmstudio 'LifeTime' and Ohmstudio ' For 6 months'  on the 25th july, cause I'm a cheap bastard.

    FoolyCooly It will be extented untill august 31
    ; )
  • eddyjohn 

    I received your invite to one of the projects but all I see are two tracks one vocal the rest mixed down music.

    Not sure what DAW you made it all on but drag each track to a new Ohm track or there is nothing to mix!

    If Ohm does not accept them straight away then you need to save the tracks as .ogg or  try saving again as wav's.
    Should be very simple

  • The email you supplied does not work.
  • richinmusic 
    the files are now in the ohmstudio
    every file starting with 777
    thanks for your message
  • How do I get involved in this? Would love to show my skills.
  • the files are now in the ohmstudio
    every file starting with 777
    thanks for your message
  • Sorry I took so long, but can everybody who mixed my 777 tracks upload them and send me a link. Over the coming weeks I will decide on the first, second and third price as promised. I know I made a mess, but I'm a little busy with everything. 

    Before the first of october the winners will be know and the prices will go out the same day. Sorry for this nightmare
  • Is this finished

    or still opened contest

    I would participate...but is it unclear...

    and When I opened the 777 project..there is just 2 mix...some stems or bounced session

    where are all the stems ?