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  • Please tell me there a plan to release this in Linux in both 32 and 64 bit ??  
  • You can use "wine" I think to get this done.

    I was thinking about the same Ohmstudio in linux
  • Well to me that's like using a Virtual Machine to run it but I thought just out of interest I'll try it out.

    NO NO  ...... because it's a Zipped executable I can't unpack it and install from there.

    So wine of use today   


  • oops posted to quick

    NO wine for us today !!!

  • Unfortunatly there are no plans for a Linux version.
    We wish that the computer music industry was more "Linux friendly" though.

    Because we're a small company, we cannot afford to support Linux at this stage of development.


  • Understand your lack of resources but us Penguins would be happy to use Wine but I have tested it and it does not install.
    I can't find out why as yet but the install . exe is a zipped installer and this may be the problem.
    I have not yet found why it crashes but complains about not enough space to unpack.
    So more info would help.
    I'm sure someone in the Linux community would be willing to help for free!
  • I am trying to get Ohm_studio to work in "WINE" and open source windows emulator for Linux.
    As a reference ( audio and midi routing etc ) I have installed Reaper and have it function although not run any "in depth" testing.  

    How ever I can't not get ohm to install as yet due to an "unpacking error"   :((

    I keep getting told not enough space to unpack
    Could not over write C:\users\ball\Temp\7ZipSfx.014\ohm_studio_installer.exe due to a sharing violation .

    This what my logger tells me 

    - Running wine- ohm_studio_installer.exe (Working directory : /home/ball/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/ohm_studio/drive_c/users/ball/Temp/7ZipSfx.014)
    err:module:map_image Could not map section .rsrc, file probably truncated
    err:module:map_image Could not map section .rsrc, file probably truncated
    wine: Bad EXE format for C:\users\ball\Temp\7ZipSfx.014\ohm_studio_installer.exe

    Can the developer who makes the install procedure please have a quick look at this post ?   

    Maybe  they can give me an idea where to look or an other version using a different packer or installer so I can test it in wine.

     little dig........ Bitwig has a Penguin  X_X
  • Hi nick.

    You can download 7zip for Windows and uncopress the compressed installer on a your windows sytem, then try to run the uncompressed installer using wine.
    I doubt it will work though. Keep us posted.
  • Hi Orange 

    I have already unpacked it within Linux but see no Setup.exe in fact no exe at all.
    As far as I remember those 7zip auto unpacker install utility's are designed install things as part of their confg so no need to make an exe installer with in.
    But I will try it in windows later just to see if there is more info.

    I doubt it will work though " :))
    Over flowing with confidence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It will work soon  :-w 
  • If there's an MSI, aim wine at that.

    (I didn't even get 7zip to unpack it... wonder what I did wrong?)
  • There is nothing to execute as far as I can see   :-?
    Funny because the French are know as being good at that ! %-(
  • The installer (50 MB) as downloaded from the website is a 7zip self-extracting archive. It turns into ohm_studio_installer.exe (340 MB) which is the real installer, automatically run after decompression. This file has a lot of things bundled in its resources but they shouldn't be extracted or accessed directly. They are handled by a script that copies, renames them and does various other things.

    It seems that when you try to open the first exe with 7zip, it shows the content of the second file. I think the autoexec SFX thing in 7zip is a dirty and hairy hack that just paste together the 7z data with the SFX exe and the config file. So wine could interpret it as an invalid file. To get the 7z, you can use an hex editor and find the string “ RunProgram="ohm_studio_installer.exe" ”; it should be located around offset 73200 (in hexadecimal). Locate the “ 7z ” which is a few bytes after, then cut the file just at this point. The second part should be a valid 7zip file in which you can find the big ohm_studio_installer.exe. Extract and run it.

    — Laurent
  • Honestly, you guys have a great project going on here....even if programs such as reaper already have the online collaboration thing down :p

    Things should go great as more and more people are making music now-a-days (notice I said people and not musicians). 
    Though, in the next 2 years you guys should have the resources to make a linux distribution as well. Think of it from the open market perspective. 
    There is not one single linux D.A.W that actually is worth using or mentioning, which means that the first bit of software out there will be a pretty strong 'monopoly'.

    Apart from that, you might have to encode a custom distro of linux....until then, Cheers !! 
  • even if programs such as reaper already have the online collaboration thing down

    Are you referring to Ninjam ? Because it does something completely different than ohm studio. Very cool indeed, but not the same thing at all. Some people here are ninjam users, btw.

  • Will be a good idea to support linux in the future, especially with SteamOS as a motivator. Ohmstudio is already sold via steam, having a linux option will get a lot of installs in the future imo. If Bitwig can do Linux i can't see why Ohmstudio on Linux will be an Everest.