Integrated group voice chat

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Integrated group voice chat
  • While helping with a PC issue during a project we used  teamviewer so I could remote control his his desktop.

    Teamviwer also has both video and audio chat option which we used so he could explain his problem.

    After a nice chat and showing each others equipment ( no sick comments please ) we then went back to ohmstudio but left the connection open.

    Brilliant !!!!!!!!   Talking and working instead of work stop chat stop work stop chat .......

    Ok Video is a band width eater and not a great plan  but audio ????? If you make it push to talk and allocate a dedicated keyboard key it would be a great addition to OS ....
    I would like to test the working Technic out using tinychat or even better teamspeak ( a free project you could try integration tests and discuss future licencing and fully tested by gamers ) with a project very soon.

    Again this widens the teaching potential of OS and therefore your market place!

    I sometimes wonder how aware The-Force is of the potential of OS?  
  • At Ohm Force we always try to rely on our own frameworks as much as possible, we sometimes use open source code, and use as little as possible "proprietary" technologies.
    We'd love to add a voice chat feature to Ohm Studio in the future. However we don't have the resources to develop our own voice chat techno this time. Since you seem to have a good experience in that domain, feel free to share what know with us ;)
  • Well it maybe possible to set up teamspeak severs and have the projects automatically start rooms? 
    The only thing you would need to do would be a push a to talk key function by allocating a key to do that. ( I think also selectable in client) . And just let the users download the client software.
    I guess it's not much difference to me using pidgin when your chat works using XMPP so I can tap in with out you doing anything to OHM.

    Teamspeak is the last time I looked No1 in the gaming world. The sound quality is stunning and it's the idea tool for ohm so I wonder if you can provide the function with the minimum of work to just "trigger the servers"  until you do have the resource's to build it in.
    For the record you don't see EA games invest in it either !