I came here to help anyone with anything I can do

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I came here to help anyone with anything I can do
  • Hi, I am Billy Simmons and I live in Miami Florida. I just got here so I am still trying to figure everything out. I play guitar and a little keyboards. I have a good many musician friends here in the United States who I can call on to help me do collaborations. I run Sonar Producer, both 8.5 and X1. I have Pro Tools 9 but I am not up to speed on that DAW. I have a ton of plug in's and can down load your tracks and re work them on my system if you need me to. I have Guitar Rig 4 Pro....well a bunch of other stuff.

    I am not trying to sell anything. I have albums on CD Baby but it's been a while. Now days I am here to have fun and help anyone I can. I am not some super musician but I have a lot of studio experience and I know some super musicians. I am  65 years young and still play live from time to time. I enjoy working with everyone from 10 to 110. I speak English well, A little French...I lived in France for a year or so and a little Spanish but with google translate we can work together. I have a web cam but have not used it yet. I am sure it is no big deal to set up.

    I have a real understanding of the Blues and have played on stage live with many of the great blues men. I like all forms of music, some I understand better than others. Looking forward to being of service. 

    What can I do to help you with your projects?

    Contact Info
    Email planobillyfl@gmail.com
    WEB  www.planobillymusic.com
    Cell phone in USA 305-923-3624
  • Welcome billy,

    what about joining this? This could be a good starting point to promote your skills ;)
  • Thank you for the invite. I need a little more time to find my way around in the program. I am still searching for simple stuff. Give me a bit and I will join you guys.
  • Hi I need someone to master my track. it is guitar and vocals, just the masterization. Do you know someone that can do that?

  • Ask on the chan Max. Check people's skills then send them private messages :)
  • Hello there Billy.  Like yourself I'm keen to contribute to other people's projects.  And once I've figured my way around the program a bit better, I'll be keen to collaborate with others on my own songs.