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Bass at your service
  • ...for reggae, dub, hiphop, experimental, mental, ambient

    link me up your project in here, or invite me to it

     if i feel i can fit in, i'll do it

  • Hey Simm, I'm working on a DIY project that i'm trying to release this fall. I have a song in desperate need of bass. do you have waves plugins? i need a specific sound on the track i attempted to do it myself but i'm a keyboard player and have flumsy fingers on the bass lol. I have the right sound but i have trouble hitting the notes.  i have the project uploaded and i can invite you to it if you like.
  • titan, sorry i dont have waves....invite me anyhow if you would, i have lots of other tone controls...i'll give a listen at least
  • Would u like some rock stuf too ? 
  • ok no answer, it probably means ... no.