Idea behind Ohm Studio?

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Idea behind Ohm Studio?
  • Before I give any feedback I'd like to know more about the philosophy of Ohm Studio. Is the idea to provide a complete set of tools to produce music in or is the idea to provide the best collaboration DAW to work on music with? A significant difference I'd say. I have always stated that I don't need 'any plug ins' to come with my DAW, it 'just' needs to be able to run any VST plug in so I can throw in my own VSTs of choice. This approach works fine for an off line DAW when you work on your own, but the minute you start to work with someone else, even with an off line DAW and even if your partner has more or less the same set-up, this because a lot more difficult. So this paradigm might not be desirable if Ohm Studio's aim is to become the best collaboration DAW, because running VSTs will require testing every single one of them which will (perhaps) slow down your collaboration process.

    Secondly, I come from Tracktion which I love, even though it's no longer developed, because of it's minimal, clutter free approach. I also come from Cubase and have missed their drum editor ever since I left the Steinberg camp. But if it's Ohm Studio's aim to stay streamlined and clutter free I will support that in favour of my beloved drum editor.

    Am I being clear?
  • Hi Slacknote,

    glad to hear from you ;)

    In your first §, you are saying the fact that not everybody will ever own exactly the same plug-ins will cause troubles in one way or another, aren't you?

    This is was actually an issue and we managed to provide a credible solution for this up front: one of the most important collaborative features in the Ohm Studio is called 'bounce' (a.k.a. 'freeze', the terminology must still be discussed as it is not comparable to anything existing). When you activate this, it will upload an audio version of your MIDI track onto the server, allowing the other users to hear how it sounded like to you at the very moment it was bounced, whereas they wouldn't hear anything without this mechanism in case of plug-ins not shared by everyone. Of course, you can bounce as many times as desired.

    You could still argue that the other participants cannot manipulate plugins of yours they don't have, but we deem reasonable to think you are autonomous enough to handle your own plugins. What's more, the software has a fully-integrated chat for the sake of effective communication ;)

    That said, we will do our best to provide built-in audio material as time goes by. Fact is other DAWs have achieved their impressive sound library over decades. It's only a question of time.

    For the second part of your post, I can say a drum editor is on our agenda (estimated delay is about 6 months from now on). And it should undesirably affect Ohm Studio's quality by no means :)
  • Right, I'm starting to get the idea.
    >You are saying the fact that not everybody will ever
    own exactly the same plug-ins will cause troubles in one way or another,
    aren't you?
    Yes but also by the same token if you can get around using any external plug ins at all it will make working together so much easier. So therefore I would suggest you provide a basic sampler and sample editor that is geared towards making beats, something along that lines that Renoise has.
    Other than that I would then only need a reverb and I'd be banging out the tracks ;-)
    Although it's not a must: I'm *very* much looking forward to your drum editor!

    I can provide more detail on what I'd want in a very basic sampler if that would be useful.
  • I can hear your concern but our decision was to face all the difficulties of an 'open' system. Think about the rich portfolio of VST plug-ins users already have; plus the fact that there are outstanding products out there, often way above the built-in stuff in quality; you can't definitely ignore reality. Of course, we could make all of our Ohm Force plug-ins available and exclude all other formats, but, notwithstanding their top quality, there are still industry rulers such as Kontakt, Omnisphere to name a few that just have to be in the place. We Ohmen would be the first ones to be frustrated by such limitation.

    I hope you understand the reason behind this. I also suggest that you try out the Ohm Studio because it would be way more interesting to talk about it :)
  • A built-in SFZ-format sampler would be a killer feature, though...
  • I'm already playing with it don't worry and I'm not concerned at all, just trying to understand the philosophy behind it.
    Don't get me wrong: VST is a must! What I'm trying to say is that if you guys would provide a sampler and a reverb users could collab without *having* to use anything else at all and this would be a feature I for one would like to see.
  • got my vote on the sampler, eventually...but I think the way that ohmstudio handles the situation of VSTs is about the best possible solution out there, short of someone being able to use a partner's VSTs, which I dont think is viable...unless the VST itself, would float up in the cloud...which I dont think the companies would approve of...

    Right now, its kind of like, if I were a killer violin player, and had the resources, people would seek me out to play violin on their projects....such as, if I had a killer violin VST, people would seek that out also, if they dont have one and knew that I did.....(thus the inclusion of a universal sampler)....and maybe that the VST's that I use in Ohmstudio would be listed in my profile?

  • >someone being able to use a partner's VSTs, which I don't think is viable
    Why not?
    There are tons of free VSTs out there, I for one use a free sampler, so my partner should be able to use the same FreeSt, right?
  • Being able to tag your "gear" with things like "it's free, get it from <url>" would be a great way to make collaboration easier: just open someone's project, see what you're missing and for the free stuff they've tagged, go get it.   (Ideally, automatically but I can imagine all sorts of problems with that...)
  • Guys, there is food for thought in all this brainstorming. We hope to be able to implement the most things on your wish list as possible. Enjoy the Ohm Studio meanwhile! New release in preparation for this week!
  • @Peter L Jones: that is a fantastic idea!
    I think a collaboration massively benefits if you can keep everything in the midi domain as long as possible.
  • ...Of course, the other problem with VSTs is that quite a lot are platform-specific: you won't find sfz-1.97 for the Mac, for example.  So any tagging scheme would need some means of capturing platform availability, too.
  • @Slacknote: You mentioned the missing reverb; that's possibly our next plug-in as it would complete the collection ;) As for the sampler, we're open to ideas of course if you happen to have some insight!

    Also don't hesitate to give us feedback about your experience with the Ohm Studio as it is now : what's cool, what's not (probably what you suggested), what are limitations that severely affect the workflow, etc :)
  • Hi crimson_force! Where is the best place to give feedback? Should I respond here? Or start a new thread specific to my topic?
  • hi bduffy, feel free to create a thread on your own, especially if you have many things to say ;)
  • There are several thread going on but this one is as good as any...
  • good thread.. I agree  with at least a reverb to round out the plugin package.
    the rest are fine and usable in a collaborative sense.
    miss my waves bundle though..  ;-(