After a few days of Ohmstudio.

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After a few days of Ohmstudio.
  • After a few days using Ohm Studio(well, trying to use is the truth) here's my as complete as possible bug reports and suggestions.

    1- Duplicating by using Ctrl+D doesn't work. You have to hold Alt, then select and drag the file to the place you want it duplicated. Why not have Ctrl+D like before, or better yet, only D for duplicating patterns?

    2- I've already reported before via the program, but the time stretch has serious issues. It will not work on audio, which makes syncing audio to midi impossible.

    3- The first note of a MIDI pattern never plays if it's on the first measure of the project.

    4- A option for independent time signatures per track would be nice. No other DAW has it and even professional scoring programs can only do this to some extent.

    5- Either disable events that overlap to overwrite events underneath or give us a option to do so. It might work for overwritting stuff that is on either edge of a event, since you can drag that part back from the audio event. But, if said event overlaps a event underneath completely, you lose that event and have no way to get it back, unless you undo the overlap.

    Here's a example to show why is this not a good way to "manage" overlapping events.

    Imagine you have a sequence of four unique patterns on the same track. You need to duplicate the second pattern so it plays after the fourth one. You don't zoom enough and accidentaly place the duplicated second pattern over the third one(since you need to drag the evnt to duplicate it). Now you've lost the third event. You have to undo and do the whole process again.

    6- Zooming is not intuitive and can actually get in your way while playing/editing/writing/recording. This problem for me adds to #5 and to later problems. You have to click very small buttons on the edge of the arrange area to zoom in or out. These buttons are not always responsive.

    7- MIDI writing is not intuitive and fast if you don't have a midi device. If you're a person like me, that writes midi note-by-note using a mouse and keyboard, you probably won't get along well with how ohm studio deals with things. Summing this up with the unintuitive zooming controls, it's a chore to write even a single pattern of midi data. Fiddling with zooming, then having to change back to arrange mode to drag or copy/duplicate patterns(since you have to be with maximum zoom both horizontal and vertical to even see the pattern right), then having the high risk of losing pattern due to event overlap issues... How much time you're wasting trying to write midi by now after all these taks, and having to all of them again for each new pattern?

    8- The VST browser will not filter VSTi's and FX correctly. Some effects will be missing from the filtering. Only seeing all allows you to see the ones that were missing.

    9- Allow the community bounce to bounce mono files.

    10- Allow effects to be added to the community bounce. Having to hard bounce a community bounce just to edit it is time consuming.

    11- Allow the access to our Audio interface settings within ohmstudio.

    12- Allow elements from the project "page" to be dragged out and resized.

    13- Add markers and a marker track.

    14- Full double screen is useless to me. My secondary monitor is on top of my primary one.

    15- Bug with racks. I added a midi track to the project by dragging a VSTi from the browser to the mixer. Imported MIDI with the track selected. Window appears: "You can't import MIDI into a audio track". What? Then I create a couple of audio tracks by dragging the Audio Track "plugin" from the browser to the mixer. Imported audio with the track selected. Window appears: "You can't import audio into a MIDI track". What? On both cases, I had to create another track on the rack, delete the track that was there before and now importing works properly.

    16- The arranging space is too cramped. Add the zooming issues to that, and what you have is a DAW that slows you down.

    17- Add the ability to DELETE projects.

    18- Not sure why there's a web search bar on the main screen of the program. The program doesnt't have a internal browser anyway, so there's no difference between using the program web search bar or opening your browser and using it's search bar.

    19- Add the ability to send reports without the need to open a project.

    Well, that's pretty much it for now. 
  • Hi mr4y and thank you for your feedback.

    You made some very good points and I can understand your frustration.
    I cannot comment on all of them but I'm taking note of your suggestions.

    About your problems with duplicating Patterns as well as importing Audio/MIDI files (#1 and #15), here are 3 articles that could be of help:

    Also if you could give us more details on why you think zooming as well as editing Notes is "not intuitive", that would be nice. Maybe give some examples of when you felt frustrated (like you did for #5) and maybe tell us what other software feels more intuitive and why.

    Also I did not understand #9 and #10.

    Thanks again.
  • Ive also been playing with ohm studio for a day and there were some problems or lack of features which really got in my way.

    1) No slice note tool: In the sequencer I cannot slice a long note into several smaller notes. Often I will draw in long pad like notes to get down a chord progression and then want to slice them into individual notes. Reason has a razor tool for doing this.

    2) I cannot time stretch a midi pattern/change its tempo. after importing or inputting a pattern sometimes i like to stretch it out or shrink it. usually to half the tempo or 2wice the tempo. Not possible. Reason has this feature and i use it a lot.

    3) the pattern sequencer only shows you a few octaves at once, and it is a pain to scroll down or up. On top of this if you need to select  a bunch of notes across an octave range out side of the displayed piano roll it is impossible. To make matters worse, looks like a bug where the piano and up and down buttons don't always show up when clicking into a pattern track and you need to use the pen tool and start drawing notes before it shows up. So very hard to review tracks.

    4) Changing the size of a track from normal to huge and then back to normal often does not center the track view on your recorded patterns and in the trackoverview mode you will see empty looking tracks until you go into them and center the view on your desired octave range.

    These were just a few of the glaring problems I noticed in my first day.
  • Thank you for your feedback.
    I have used Reason in the past so I know what you're talking about.
    We usually improve the software by little increments but on a regular basis.
    We'll try to improve the piano roll and fix these bugs in the future.
  • ive already submitted bug/frustration reports for these, so they should be logged.
  • I was initially drawn to ohm studio for no other reason than the online collaboration feature as I would assume most people were. Coming from other DAWs that have been around for a long time people are very entrenched in certain workflows and having certain tools available to them. No matter how great online collaboration is, if my workflow in your DAW is somehow hindered because of lack of basic tools and it feels like im trudging through knee high mud to get a pattern down that is going to be a deal breaker for me. Ableton promises online collaboration in their next 9.0 release. So while you can score a first mover advantage with online collab you need to focus on things that are going to reduce the bounce rate of users that just go back to what they have already very very comfortable with using for the last 5 or 10 years.

    I get that online collab is a hard problem to solve but if all your resources are put into getting that one piece right im not sure if the community built around it will have a strong enough gravity to keep people sucked in.
  • Well that is what we're trying to do every day: improve the software and try to get people to stick around or get them to explain why they don't like Ohm Studio, like you just did. That's actually very usefull to us so thanks again for your feedback.

    To be honest we don't expect people to give up their favorite DAW in favor of Ohm Studio. Ohm Studio is still in beta anyway, so I guess that's normal.

    Different people have different needs and what someone considers a "basic tool" can be useless to someone else.
    So we try to follow people's suggestions and obviously people that do stick around are more likely to see their wishes fulfilled.  ;)

    Also I'm not aware of Ableton adding a collaboration feature to Live 9. We'll find out soon.

    Here is the list of release notes if you're interested in seeing how Ohm Studio evolves in the next few months:
  • With Rewire in the future I see no problem using your favorite DAW next to OhmStudio.Ableton Live Share, if it happens, will be more like a dropbox, soundcloud kinda thing. Not as fun as OhmStudio's realtime collab.....
  • This should not be a goal, the futur is obviously a DAW that is a DAW and also permit social interaction. If you need a second DAW to be able to work correctly, then it's a fail and all we have to hope as users/customers (thoses who have not paid for life) is that someone else succeed in making a real good social DAW :)

    I really Hope that Ohm guys are going to improve the non-social parts as well as the social things before the release !
  • Why do you think rewire exists? Or most use Ableton next to Logic or Cubase?

    There is no need for another Cubase or Logic. Ohmstudio needs to differentiate like Ableton Live did back then........

  • What are you trying to mean ? :D

    You are asking rewire for a software which doesn't even have the basic control features it should have. As a developper, you don't add rewire to fill in the lacks of your software, rewire is a tier cool thing for users who want to gather different ways of organising sound (not an end in itself, if one can say this in english). In my opinion, OS is incomplete if only a collaborative software, since it's meant to be a collaborative DAW.
  • You do realise it's a BETA right?
  • Yes and ? :]
  • Nevermind [-O<
  • I'll quote myself I guess  :)

    Well that is what we're trying to do every day: improve the software and try to get people to stick around or get them to explain why they don't like Ohm Studio


    Different people have different needs and what someone considers a "basic tool" can be useless to someone else.
    So we try to follow people's suggestions and obviously people that do stick around are more likely to see their wishes fulfilled.  ;)

    By the way I launched Reason 6 this week and the razor tool doesn't seem to cut individual notes :-? Not sure what corban was talking about.