A workaround for recording from your favorite DAW to Ohmstudio using Asio4All

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A workaround for recording from your favorite DAW to Ohmstudio using Asio4All
  • Hey, 

    So I finally found a way to pipe audio from my DAW (ableton) into OHMstudio. It always irritated me that I couldn't use more than one instance of asio4all with all the audio in/out options. 

    But I found a nifty little piece of software called Virtual audio cable: http://software.muzychenko.net/eng/vac.htm#download 

    It adds two more selections to your asio4all options box, VAC in and out. So you turn off all the asio4all audio out options on your DAW and select VAC-out. In OHM you have your asio4all audio options set to on and VAC-in on. (you might have to set your windows record-in to virtual audio cable)

    You can now preview and record audio from your favorite DAW to ohm studio's audio tracks.

    You'll need VAC version 4.10 if you are on windows7 64bit, since this is the only version supporting signed drivers.

    Hopefully one day Ohmstudio will have rewire (hintedy-hint), until then this will do the trick! 

  • very cool!!!


  • Hi Cookie.

    That sounds intersting.

    Are there any advantages to using this method rather than simply importing audio files into Ohm Studio?

    As for Rewire, it would be nice indeed. Particularly for Reason users as we hope to have a stable and reliable support of VST plug-ins soon.
    But our previous survey showed that few people actually use it...
  • Hi Orange, 

    Well for one, Ohmstudio doesn't have timestretching (yet). So I can just set the tempo in ableton with the samples I wish to use in Ohm at the correct tempo and press record. Also It's nice to quickly try out different samples on the fly while auditioning/having my Ohm studio track playing. 

    Ableton has a very nice sample browser which automatically previews samples in your folder and you can quickly go through them with the arrow keys..maybe something to take note of. If I didn't use this method, I would have to go through each and every sample in my (windows explorer) folder, preview it with my mediaplayer, then when I finally found the right sample, import it into Ohmstudio which is too cumbersome and hit & miss.

    Also, in my case, I often use ableton live's various midi plugins like chord, pitch, velocity, arpeggiator etc. Not to mention basic effects like delay, reverb and eq. But I'm sure a basic integrated effects package will be included in the final version of ohmstudio, right? 
  • OK I see. It makes sense.

    We're aware of the limitations of the Ohm Studio and want to do something about it, but one thing at a time.

    Regarding audio effects, the Ohm Studio will have a set of basic effects included. It already has some actually.

  • I'll just add that if you don't have VAC on your platform, JACK is a multi-platform solution for connecting audio applications... though it's not as friendly to get set up.
  • Hmm this is exactly the thread i was looking for. I have been looking for a way to create parts, sample, time stretch etc in ableton. Then layout, mix, master, collaborate, and preserve tracks in Ohm Studio.

    Orange the main problem with importing frozen tracks from Ableton is that if you try it says the file is in use until you close live completely destroying creative workflow and becoming impractical.

    But I also don't think that audio looping internally and recording it into ohm studio is the solution....especially without the option of midi Time and transport sinc between the softwares (Hint Hint!!!)

    I know Ohm will have to put some serious work into it but Live supports "drag and drop" audio into VST plugins....How about a VST portal?!?! Then i could get the sound i want and handle all my time streching, right click to freeze the track to audio, drag it into the VST portal and have it uploaded to your server from there and available to drop in my track.

    I mean Live clip view on one monitor and ohm studio with my friends working in real time sounds like a dream!!! Thats the service i would pay for.

    Speaking of I do think there needs to be a internal browser even if it doesnt support audio right away just to upload and manage samples. Could be an independant folder for each project then the vst portal could log in to the account and select the project you want to export to.

    Keep up the great work! 
  • nice find!! good lookin out Cookie

  • Rewire would be a good solution I guess although it's not very "collab friendly". We'll consider it.
    On Mac there's Quick Look which makes the need for an internal browser less important but unfortunately I never found anything similar on Windows. But at least I can use Live's built-in browser to drag'n'drop samples inside Ohm Studio without any problems.