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  • Just in case it's not been reported, I spotted a number of VSTs in my collection don't get categorised as either instruments or as effects.  They are, in fact, effects:
    - CamelCrusher
    - Effectizer 1.1
    - KillerTrancer - SynthEdit
    - Minimoog V Original Efx
    - MoogFilter - SynthEdit
    - MrDonald
    - MuVerb
    - MUX
  • i have several too..there needs to also be a way to revert to the full list...or if there is i havent found it yet, other than rebooting
  • Each of the icons toggles itself as well as the other -- so you have three states: no filter, instruments only, effects only.  Click on FX, you filter on effects.  Click on FX again, you turn off the filter.
  • jeesus, lol

  • there must be a notation or indicator in each vst as to which it is...and some just dont have it
  • Thank you for reporting. I've added it to the bug list.