Collaboration Week #2: 99 BPM

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Collaboration Week #2: 99 BPM




    In short: meet other Ohmstudites on Tuesday 19th for collaborative fun. Only one rule this time: 99 BPM it shall be. Please subscribe below.

    Another week, another opportunity to refine our cohmmunity events. Not too many participants for the first one, although clearly some had fun! But hey, this time the theme doesn't force you to hear hours after hours of trololo. It's rather simple actually: do anything you want, but do it at 99 BPM. 

    The process will be slightly different to take advantage of the brand new collaboration forum where you're reading this. This very tuesday (tomorrow!) has no less than 5 rendez-vous...

    ...wait. It's always good to remember first:

    1. We're all on a rotating planet (Trololo Galileo was right, sorry inquisition!)
    2. Time displayed below is GMT time.
    Which means, considering all the countries that have a daylight time saving offset, and unless proven wrong... nobody's time at the moment. So everybody reading this shall apply an addition or subtraction based on this site time offset indication for the place she or he lives in. Now here we go:

    Rendezvous #1: Asian night
    11:00 AM GMT Tuesday 19th
    Sydney 9:00 PM / Tokyo 8:00 PM / Moscow 5:00 PM / Tel Aviv 2:00 PM / Paris 1:00 PM

    Rendezvous #2: Asian night strikes back
    1:00 PM GMT Tuesday 19th
    Sydney 11:00 PM / Tokyo 10:00 PM / Moscow 7:00 PM / Tel Aviv 6:00 PM / Paris 3:00 PM  / London 3:00 PM 

    Rendezvous #3: Euro night
    7:00 PM GMT Tuesday 19th
    Moscow 1:00 AM / Tel Aviv 12:00 PM / Paris 9:00 PM  / London 8:00 PM  / NYC 3:00 PM

    Rendezvous #4: Euro night strikes back
    9:00 PM GMT Tuesday 19th
    Paris 11:00 PM / London 10:00 PM / NYC 5:00 PM /  L.A. 2:00 PM

    Rendezvous #5: American night
    1:00 AM GMT Wednesday 20th
    NYC 9:00 PM / L.A. 6:00 PM / Sydney 11:00 AM

    See? We're trying to make that simple but reality simply isn't helping, sorry for that.

    Anyway once you've made your choice just post it below as a comment. Then come back to this post and see who are the others. If you find a secret love, you can always change your decision by editing your post. Then try to show up on time: there will be one Ohm person to drive people in a project for roughly half an hour, but nothing more is guaranteed (we do want to sleep, at one point). 

    That being said, if you show up randomly, you'll probably still be able to join. Just ask on the channel as the other participant may decide, in their goodness, to invite you. Being in several projects is absolutely fine, by the way. Starting your own as well.

    Also, for those of you with mates on other forum, this may be a fun way to introduce them to all stuff ohm. Just sayin'.

    And as ever, feedback is welcome. What's nice, what's wrong, what could be great: tell us what you think!

  • Rendezvous #4: Euro night strikes back
    9:00 PM GMT Tuesday 19th
    Paris 11:00 PM  / London 10:00 PM   / NYC 5:00 PM /  L.A. 2:00 PM

    I'll be here!!  but I don't understand what I must do!!!   lol
  • Hey flavio, that's all! Just come on time and and we'll create a project for you ;)
  • yup!! This is very fun and emotional for me, tx a lot
  • I'll try to cohme on time at the Euro night! should we bring a bottle of wine?

    Rendezvous #3: Euro night
  • We can't guarantee lossless streaming for that bottle, but yes.
  • Rendezvous #3: Euro night

    please reserve a chair for me
  • So this one 10pm tonight or 9pm, says 9pm GMT then says London 10pm, but London is GMT+0 so if 9pm GMT it would be 9pm.

    Rendezvous #4: Euro night strikes back
    9:00 PM GMT Tuesday 19th
    Paris 11:00 PM / London 10:00 PM / NYC 5:00 PM /  L.A. 2:00 PM

    What time should I come, I was a bit confused as to which event I should do but I guess there's a few to cover time zones?
  • Summer time. GMT doesn't care about it, but UK does. Right now UK is GMT +1, Paris +2... etc. As I said nobody's true GMT 0 right now. Which is insane in a fun way, when you think about it !
  • Rendezvous #4: Euro night strikes back
    9:00 PM GMT Tuesday 19th
    Paris 11:00 PM / London 10:00 PM / NYC 5:00 PM /  L.A. 2:00 PM

    i'm in..:)
  • I'll take the 9PM flight to NYC
  • very cool idea...cant make this one, but i'll get in one eventually for sure


    oops caploc, lol
  • Hope to get the train coz i will be very late. Maybe i can help at around 11 pm European time (Berlin). Fantastic idea. Oh, please tell me what to do :)
  • i am in guys...even though i am anew will have to guide me though...
  • Rendezvous #5: American night
    1:00 AM GMT Wednesday 20th
    NYC 9:00 PM / L.A. 6:00 PM / Sydney 11:00 AM

    I am defenetley in it would be fun, not much experience in this DAW but I would like to give it a try anyway.
  • All is good but... no Asia ?
  • Rendezvous #5: American night
    1:00 AM GMT Wednesday 20th
    NYC 9:00 PM / L.A. 6:00 PM / Sydney 11:00 AM

    Too late to enter?
    Whoops, I misread the post... I didn't realize that you had to actually go there. Sorry.
  • Rendezvous #5: American night
    1:00 AM GMT Wednesday 20th
    NYC 9:00 PM / L.A. 6:00 PM / Sydney 11:00 AM

    Count me in!
    Michigan Stand Up

    ~HarmoNyck OneR 517 #GeTxUp 
  • 3 minutes....I'm here  :)
  • oOoh! Can I join?!?!?!?
  • I will be at the gym from 6pm to 7pm though, so I'll definitely be on at 730pm
  • Yes, jump in !
  • How do I jump in, like what's the project name?

  • 6 to 7... GMT ? :P

  • too late : maybe next time ? 

    the sessions :

    Euro #1



    I must say it really was a blast to spectate from here. 
    Note that the results will probably evolves in the next days but it has to be said the amount of things done in a few hours by a team is pretty silly.

  • I do not know if this is the place here, but I've some comments about session euro #1.
    Ohm Studio works fine with multiple users at the same time, but I did not always understand the actions that apply to all users or only to me (changes in the mix, mute, tempo, etc. ..) what others are hearing (like me?)
    is very important.
    In the middle of the night, I was not able to join the project (too crowded, too many tracks or plugin : my pc is old) ?
    When we are busy by music playing, it's hard to communicate via chat. Perhaps an automatic communication system, in addition to the chat would be nice: "user listening", "user inactive" (for 3 minutes), "user mixing or arranging", "user recording" (already exists). Post-it notes to indicate direct in the sequencer would be nice ("here it is strange", "here chorus part, be carefull").
    At the beginning of the experience, I could not hear the first track (Wilhem)
    however it appear to be audio and without plugin (technical issue?).
    that's it. no other technical remarks in mind.
    I find that the experience was wonderful. Beyond the technical purpose (test this beta version), you should organize regular meeting point on various themes.
    At last, thank you so much for creating this great product!
    All the best

  • Hey alexone

    It will not solve everything but remember that you can right clic a profile and select "see what he sees" to have a better idea of what he/she's doing. Also in the gen list, yellow circle means AFK. I think you can't see them in the session chat, but if you need to check, your team mates also are there, so you can get the info.

    You can also right clic anywhere in the sequence to drop a post it that will do exactly what you need. 

    Your 2 bugs are pretty odd. If this happen again please tell us.

    It's clear that although some of the features you're requestion are already here, we could do a better job at showing them to the user. 

  • Waow! My apologies, these functions exists indeed. And I can open the project 99bpm tonight, I'm not expelled as soon as I try to come in. Yes!
    AFK means that the person is no longer connected, or he has not used his session for a while?
  • AFK stands from Away From Keyboards. I think it's a 10 minute timer with no action.

    BTW we plan to do those thing every week, at least for a while (hopefully with more ppl each time).

  • the "too late"was for me? chamon, I just got home exicited with this session after recusing an invitation for a party(these days are being holidays in Rio with all tose Rio +20 blehblablo).

    But seriously, there's a limit per session or something?