64 bit plugins not showed

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64 bit plugins not showed
  • My 64 bit plugins are not showed. Is this normal?
  • OhmStudio is a 32bit app.  Unless you've a 32bit to 64bit bridge, you won't have access to your 64bit plugins.
  • ok. that's what I thought. Are there plans of a 64 bit version?
  • One of the Ohm guys muttered something about it in chat earlier on...  I don't know if that counted as a "plan" as such ;)
  • According to the developers, most of the code is 64bit ready but I know there's always a difference between theory and practice :)

    We won't develop an application for bridging 32/64bit VST plug-ins though as it would be too much work and we don't have that luxury.
  • I've finally gotten to the stage just recently where both my DAW, and all the plugins I use, are 64-bit only .... I started the process almost 5 years ago and went through some horror stories, so please don't tell me OhmStudio is going to stay 32-bit?

    [EDIT:] Isn't Windows 8, soon to be released, 64-bit only?
  • There will be a 32 bit and a 64 bit version, although I can't tell when the 64bit will be ready.

    And from what I read, Windows 8 will be able to run 32 bit applications seamlessly
  • hi orange force - I have the same situation as dadasonoro.  I do have jbridge and it works - it's kind of a resource hog (basically grabs a CPU all for itself), but in my experience it is very stable.  If PC users want to use a bridge that's a fairly safe recommendation in my experience. 

    I hope you guys will keep us customers informed by email when there's a 64 bit build of ohm studio available.  It most def looks sweet, but I don't have time right now to go back and download/install 32-bit versions of all my plugins or to set up a jbridge 64->32 directory.
  • Hi tungsten_carbide,

    We'll make an announcment when the 64bit version is ready.
    The list of known bugs is preventing us from adding major new features at the moment but we're aware that 64 bit plug-ins are progressively replacing 32 bit ones and we'll eventually have to develop a 64 bit version of Ohm Studio.
  • As a user of presonus studio one, it's good to hear a dev talking about fixing bugs before adding features