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Favorite a project/song
  • Do I need to install the software to follow a project and see it's progression? Do I need the software to see who contributed what?
  • Hi coinop,

    Currently there's no way to say who contributed what, either from the website or the software although that is something that might be possible in the future.
    You can see the list of project Owners and project Contributors from the project's web page and listen to the latest exported version thanks to the embedded player.

  • pretty easy to follow in the 'my projects' tab

    +1 for knowing who did what....it could be super simple, only showing who added a rack/track and who deleted a rack/track...the rest would be pretty easy to figure out....
  • I want to apologise in advance if your contribution causes my track to be a nr.1 hit and you didn't get paid. Sorry:)!
  • Hi

    This topic was also discussed here if you're interested:

    And a more recent discussion here:

    Few weeks ago we also added "authorship information" in the inspector.

  • So I'm away from my studio listening to tracks on the OhmStudio site. I would really like to favorite a project for later when I get back home. 

    Also when home I would like to have that possibility without opening the project first.

    And when clicking on a user I don't get all the projects he's owner of. Just the one from the browser. I would like to see all the uploads like in Soundcloud.
  • Ok only when using search you do get to see every project of a user and not when browsing to through random projects after you click on the username......
  • Hi coinop

    After clicking on a username, you're taken to the user's profile page.
    In the navigation menu on the left, you can then click on "projects" to see the list of all this user's projects (except hidden projects).
    Bookmarking of projects sounds good too! Some people also asked for a way to "follow" other users, like on twitter.
    Anyway there's room for improvments of course!
    Meanwhile, if you have a facebook account, you can use the facebook like button on a project page or a user profile page.