Freezing Issues

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Freezing Issues
  • 2 Instrument Racks:
    1) VST: Addictive Drums, Quantized Beat
    2) VST: Omnisphere: Pulsing sound, Quantized

    When playing unfreezed they are completely in sync.
    After freezing both, the Omnisphere is shifted by some ms to the front, so both aren't in synch anymore. Addictive still is in synch with the metronome, Omnisphere isn't.

  • Do you mean visually or you can spot the delay by hear too ?
  • The delay is by hear
  • I can confirm I've had this too -- restarting Ohm Studio fixed it for me, though.  It was very odd.  I initially thought it was just graphical (the audio waveform was being redrawn, too) but it also sounded wrong.
  • Ok thanks.

    Do you have any other informations that could help us reproduce this bug?
    Are there specific circumstances under which freezing always get "out of sync"?
    Does it always happen with Omnisphere?
    With 1 specific VST preset?
    Does the Rack contains other plug-ins?
    Does it happen in every project? Or only one specific project? Does it contain tempo changes?

    Thank you for your help.