List of NEEDED features to make Ohm Studio the GREATEST DAW EVER!!! (Add your ideas)...

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List of NEEDED features to make Ohm Studio the GREATEST DAW EVER!!! (Add your ideas)...
  • Hello Ohm
    below are some ideas and issues I logged from various users - Sunday Jun 3

    this one is a bug - maybe
    ikarux (20:03)
    ahah just bugged the interface, by pressing ''zoom out'' while in the chat, it zoomed out the plugin tab instead of the track one - now knobs,faders and text are all melted in a strange pixel monster

    Lots of people ask this:
    well, what about a drum pattern?
    I used to produce with fl studio, is it there anything similar?

    Nice comments
    erikomic (20:11)
    ...I like the stickies

    sheck (20:12)
    the stickies are good

    Not so nice comments
    Bassbase (20:13)
    the idea of this tool is unique and great but so used to cubase

    Nice comments

    erikomic (20:15)
    I will probably keep working outside this program. But the share and align, with invited make this unique. I'm in here for about 10 minutes and I like the idea !

    Nice comments

    NotEpicEnough (20:16)
    I'll be using this the rest of the night

    Bassbase (20:16)
    are there already any prices out what ohmstudio will cost in the end?
    yes idea great but the handling and view off detail not satisfying

    Asked many times

    ErosHunter (20:20)
    is there any kind of reverbs on this plataform?


    erikomic (20:20)
    are they planning to make people pay ?
    : )
    krell (20:21)

    A request from some users online

    Could Ohm provide a recommended list of free VSTs for MAC/PC - then many users would share VSTs and not have to freeze tracks as often

  • How about a full featured transport control?
  • Automation for every parameter

  • How about a full featured transport control?

    word..detachable, floating

    can we have some fries with that too pls.....
  • i'm testing the demo at the moment and i think it's a great piece of software you have here!
    I could imagine, a video track would be nice - imagine integration of private youtube videos into the project, so that the invited editors could even score a movie, or working on sounddesign etc.
    Aslo OMF/AAF support would be great - or did i just miss it?
    I'm looking forward to the support of multitimbral instruments!
  • When leaving  a project while it's playing make it stop playing.
  • Big ones from me:

    1) undockable windows, I have multi monitors
    2) CPU / Audio driver performance meter(s)
  • When somebody is asking a question in chat "hey how do i fold tracks"
    Whoever is answering can look at their project and have control of a cursor to point out what to click.
  • Each participant in a project needs to have their own color assigned to them. It gets confusing with more than 2. 


    Seriously though, great job. This is a real life saver
  • A "Text Time Bar" .... excellent suggestion .... could be used for Lyrics and Shared Editing Notes, fixed to points in time in the production.... like the displayed waves at

    Mouseover / tool tips .... already suggested ... just adding my Aye!

    And detachable / contractable windows ... chats excellent but can distract and it takes up valuable space ... as handy as it is your not always chatting.
    I'd love to have the mixer fully in view while working on the tracks though I may not always want to chat or have a tutorial bar or need plugins immediately.

    Otherwise totally funking excellent guys and galls. ; )  
  • Have no idea, if this was already mentioned:
    VSTs as project flags , so people can look, what VSTs are/might be used in the project.
  • I have a couple more ...

    a) An indication cursor across the tracks that appears only when moving audio patters and when positioning the loop points ... to line things up ... I dont always want to type in the positions in the inspector.
    Old Cubase VST32 had it and I loved it ... it was then dropped but god it was handy when positioning small audio or midi files or just to line up, simple.

    b) Could the Tutorial/Help bar down the right not incorporate the inspector and maybe the plugins as a tabbed menu? ... a bit like photshop

    *edit : it could also have the chat and a sample browser .... nice row of tidy groovy tabs !
  • Ok so many of these may have already been submitted but ahwell:

    • Cubase style tool switching: Press right click and select your wanted tool (Right-click is used for other things so maybe alt+ right click?)
    • Middle mouse key for hand tool
    • Release audio driver when application not in foreground option - for instance so you can browse samples on the internet without having to quit Ohm
    • Categorized Chats. For instance: General Chat, VST help, Ohm help, Theory help, Review track etc.
    • List of recommended Free VSTs
            - If someone in your project has one of these VSTs and you don't have it, a download link is avaliable by the track
    • Have on option so that on the mixer, display the names of the racks at the top of each mixer channel instead of at the bottom
    • Add more VSTs that come with Ohm:
            - Drum VST
            - Reverb FX VST
    • Midi Export
    • Easy rollback + snapshot feature
    • If you try to bounce over someone elses bounced track, it gives you a warning/prompt
    • When you view what someone else is seeing, there should be an easy way to revert back to your view
    • Sections, a way to label sections of the track. If you press stop then it goes back to the previous section marker
    • Coloured tracks
    • Project changelog - you can add what you have added/changed that session
    • Project notes - Write notes about the project i.e. chord progressions etc.
    • Semi-private projects - people must apply to get in
    • Search projects by tags - gives you a list of tags and you select the ones that you want to search for.
    • If you are zoomed into a track then you delete it, it should zoom back out
    • Have a way of telling who created which bit of audio. Maybe there avatar or name? (or assign a colour per person in the project)
    • Zoom tool
    • Easy copy and paste, seems to be slightly weird ATM
    • Update feature - so you don't have to redownload the program each time
    • Kick users from projects
    • Button/Shortcut to auto zoom the project out so you can see the whole project in 1 screen (i.e. no scroll bars)
    • See MIDI of tracks bounced out by other people
    • Auto set so that new users to the project automatically have 'collabarative freeze play' enabled on possible tracks
    • Make sure that people who do not have the plugin cannot bounce over others tracks (thus deleting all the data in that track)
    • Button in the project GUI to go back to the main menu of Ohm
    • Progress bar when loading a project so you know how long there is left to go
    • Full screen mixer option
    • Tooltips for each button (collaborative freeze etc.)
    • Double clicking the yellow magnifying glass by the scroll bars should go out of edit mode aswell as in
    • A way to get rid of the bottom bar (mixer, plugins, chat etc.) so you only have the main tracks window.
    • Maybe some sort of sample library? Could possibly have a community sample library built in, people submit sounds and can download what others have submitted etc. Could also be linked with sites such as

    I think that's all of my suggestions for now (alot xD) and I know that alot of theres are very long shots for them to happen but ahwell. I am currently enjoying this software alot and can't wait to see how it turns out :D


    Ed H

  • Release audio driver when application not in foreground option - for instance so you can browse samples on the internet without having to quit Ohm

    It's already the case unless some drivers issue. ASIO4ALL since a few updates leads to the issue you're describing. Do you use it, or do you have a proprietary driver ?

    Semi-private projects - people must apply to get in
    Kick users from projects

    Actually you already get that with a Private yet Visible project.

    Those small things apart, a really great list. Thank you !

  • Yes, I use ASIO4ALL so that would explain that issue although the other drivers that I have previously used on my machine (ASIO DirectX and ASIO Generic Low Latency Driver) don't seem to appear on this list :(

    Ah ok, I didn't know about the Private yet Visible project :D

    Ed H
  • BTW, I have the same issue and here's a (poor) workaround while we wait for this to repaired (it wasn't like that with earlier builds... so there's hope), I change the audio setting to WDM or Directsound when I need to use another app to listen stuff. Slightly dodgy but it works.
  • These are not ideas but if follows the thread ...
    Red_Force helped me out with the asio4all bugger and that directx would not direct anything the way I wanted it ... I changed my system over to my m-audio card, cables and all and in deed it all worked .. woot woot
    This morning though after doing the delete cache folders hack to get ohm started the whole song, every track in the project was totally distorted (just like the mme driver). Stopped program and started Cubase ... perfect German technology ! Simply a lovely sound ... so somewhere ohm studio is 'disintegrating' or 'accumulating' or whatever, could it have something to do with the 'leakage' I noticed on some vst racks?

  • kings said:

    This morning though after doing the delete cache folders hack to get ohm started the whole song, every track in the project was totally distorted (just like the mme driver). Stopped program and started Cubase ... perfect German technology ! Simply a lovely sound ... so somewhere ohm studio is 'disintegrating' or 'accumulating' or whatever, could it have something to do with the 'leakage' I noticed on some vst racks?

    Hi kings,
    I'm not sure what you mean by "leakage" but what you describe is a bug which I also experienced once while messing with the audio preferences, but unfortunately we were never able to find a way to reproduce it. At least we know it is still there.

    Anyway thanks for all the suggestions. Some of them are high on our priority list.

  • Using computer keyboard as midi keyboard! It would be so helpful if you're on the road.
  • is there a way to import songs to remix?
  • Drag'n'drop it in the Ohm Studio :)
  • Few practical suggestions i felt while working last night on a session in the DAW.
    1. Extra parameters editors like Velocity, sustain pedal, pitch bend etc. in piano roll, below the keys (just like every DAW).
    2. Advanced Quantization features like Swing, Quantize percentage etc.
    3. Midi Export (donno if someone said it already, crucial thing)
    will post other things as i come across. :)
  • Voicechat...
  • the ability to use your typing keyboard as a midi keyboard
  • I'd really like to hear what sample i am hitting via the piano roll, and when you go up and down you hear what's on the next key. Was playing with battery3 and noticed this is not yet implamented. i could only hear by writing in a new note and it had to land exactly on a key that had a sample on it.

  • I'd like to see some performance improvements having to do with the uploading/downloading/syncing of audio samples. Joining a new project can be really slow.

    From what I can tell from my router/modem (smoke pouring out the top, cache folder filling up quickly) all samples are being transmitted as uncompressed WAV. (Is this true?) If so, what about a scheme like this?

    1) Client uploads are always WAV (or FLAC, better yet!)
    2) However when the server receives a WAV, it creates a 192kbps CBR MP3 version
    3) Server first mirrors out 192kbps version to connected clients, followed by WAV version
    4) When client receives WAV version, it discards 192kbps version in cache and swaps it out for the WAV.

    So, when I join some project with loads of samples, the server would first send out 192kbps versions of all samples so I can start hearing the complete project right away. Then, behind the scenes, samples will be slowly replaced by higher quality versions.


    * 13% more data needs to be transmitted
    * But project participants can start *hearing* the music 7.5 times faster.

    Worth it to me!
  • #1 Missing feature (for me) is a sample playback VSTi I can count on everyone having. Something super super basic would be fine -- e.g. just VSTi for loading and triggering drum sounds. No need for multisampling, editing loop points, etc, just drag samples onto keys and play them.
  • HarmoNyck OneR 517's Wish List 

    Numero Uno (1)------------------------------------------Rewire that works with new versions of Propellerheads Reason (maybe a long shot but let me dream.)

    Two as in (2) -----------------------------------------------Sampler (internal and external sources )

    Three (3) ----------------------------------------------------A standard Ohm Studio drum machine with presets and Ohm tweaks

    Four (4) -----------------------------------------------------A simple and basic counter that is shown next to projects on the visitors side,on the project owners side it could show who the visitor is if they have a profile,if not just show where the visitor is from. 

  • canton, file transfert is pretty fast for most users I think. It's already progressive : LQ, HQ, loseless. If you feel it to be slow it may either be your side of the line (routing, your ISP failing, wifi going through the cat...) or one of the contributor having big troubles sending audio. 

    Sample playback vsti will take us time but I am thinking about creating a recommendation page for ideal OS companions. 

    About counters, we have some reservations : we don't want to keep a quite feel to the place, and everything that can turn it into a competitive area is sensible for us. But this is still something discussed as counters helps to put front the good stuff.

  • i don't really think a sample player would be necessary. I you could provide a small library containing drum patches and maybe a bit other stuff for any free sampler this would be great. unfortunately providing this for kontakt player means to pay for the NI licensing thing...
  • Is there a glue or merge function? I can't find one and would like to request this. For example, I cut up an audio clip, rearrange it and then want to glue it back together. Same goes for midi.
  • Hi stickygum.

    There's no glue/merge yet.
    We'll probably add a MIDI merge function before the Audio merge function.
    Some people use Bounce to new audio track as a workaround to merge several Audio Pattern into a single Pattern.

  • Prob already mentioned but...

    Drum machine
    Sequencer plug in
    Sampler plug in
  • Sequencer plug in ????

    The rest... let us say there is hope.

  • if there is coming a sampler exclusively from ohm force and not just a library for a third party sampler i think it would be important to make it available as spereate vsti one could use in other DAWs since ohmstudio unfortunately is not likely to become everyones main DAW instantly. if the reverb were a simple convolution reverb (which then would hopefully have the option to record IRs) I think it would also be clever to offer it as an seperate vst-plugin.
  • red_force said:

    "Sequencer plug in ????"

    LOLS yeah... It is actually neat to have a separate sequencer plug in that lets you create patterns and copy them to the track. cool stuff
  • Everytime I hit enter, the view should also shift back the beginning.
    Track Color ( A NEED)
    Midi color change with velocity ( I know they've already did that, it need to be more "in your face" kind of change)
    Note (no need to say anything)
    Zoom Function need to be fixed. Details make good music great, right now it's hard to zoom in and out, with both hand on the keyboard.
    Also, it might be good to have a seperate Midi Edit window, instead of on the track.

    This might sound insane, but I'm thinking of something like Spotify but for OHM.

    Does anyone know what's OHM short for...
  • "ohm" - 
    1. the SI unit of electrical resistance, expressing the resistance in a circuit transmitting a current of one ampere when subjected to a potential difference of one volt.
    1. is a mantra and mystical sound of Hindu origin (geographically India and Nepal), sacred and important in various Dharmic religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism,Sikhism and Jainism

      So Ohm must mean
      - the unit of mystical resistance from expressing Hindu sounds transmitting a sacred and important Dhamic religion when subjected to a current of one ampere
  • Some suggestions from the past:

    New Features for Chat  (eg akin to Filters)

    Additional Chat Rooms to break up the General chat into specific common areas of interest

    Getting Started                        
    -  newbie stuff, this is what ohm is, here is the doc, videos, etc.

    Help Desk/Technical Issues      
    -  "I can connect my rocksmith cable", What is an Asio driver, etc.

    Lets Collaborate/Chat about Music                       
    -   Brings up Instrument/MusicStyle/Geomap of users 
    -   Online and offline to connect with, friend and join each others projects
  • Enhancing security roles and functions for projects is also very important towards maintaining the community:

    You should not be able to rejoin a public project if you are kicked without being forced into an apply process - as though it were a private project.   

    No-one should be able to bounce the master track in place.  

    There needs to be an audition role added where a user who joins a project is forced into audition status - they can mess with their own track, but not others.   

    Need ability to save mix/settings, recall them at will without having to do a restore

    You should be able to view in inspector not only who are members and their roles, but have visibility into when they joined the project.   

    You should be able to see when a person joined ohmstudio by looking at their profile and even better, mousing over their ID within the application in the chat.  Today this information is available, but oddly enough only by clicking on a user within the forum.   If you have posted in a forum, you can click on the user and see an "About" information page displaying when they joined and last active usage dates, but I have not been able to find same information in the profiles - odd.  This would very useful for identifying spammers.
  • From Piano Billy

    Stability. The people who have paid for the program on my recommendation
    have only really complained about two issues. One is stability and the other
    lack of good ways to communicate.

    We, meaning the people I am involved with, do not need
    another DAW. What we want is too have an EASY place to collaborate with people worldwide
    and make new friends.

    Having said that, everyone who I have introduced to ohm has
    a DAW and generally more than one. I have no idea across the United States what
    is going on but almost everyone I know is moving to Pro Tools. There are
    several reasons for this. It is the defacto standard here. There is much more
    information on how to use Pro Tools and Avid has been giving free classes at
    Guitar Center to promote their product.

    I think ohm should consider this idea and take note. It does
    not matter how good the DAW is if people cannot get their questions answered.
    Perhaps in our Friday collabs we could also have a learning session by the
    people who really know how to use the program. A directed collab by one of the
    developers for example.

    All DAWs are a pain in the butt to learn how to use. The
    better ohm manages this learning process the better off I think they will be in
    terms of sales.

    I personally find it strange that no reverb came with the
    program, not that it is an issue for me because of the zillions of reverb vsts
    that will load in ohm. This last version of ohm has been the least stable for
    me and I have had the most issues with vsts. Guitar Rig 5 has caused no end of
    problems. The 64 bit issue is another real issue.

    Except for the stability issue I am happy with ohm in its
    current state as far as function goes. I also would like to see better ways to
    communicate. The yellow sticky just does not provide space enough to put all
    the information in. While I am sure “chat” is a much more normal way to
    communicate for younger people I prefer to talk. We had morse code for a long
    time….I for one do not want to go back!!!

  • Midi CC/Learn function in a project to control transport controls (play/stop/rec/rewind/ff, etc.) from external device  (MPC, keyboard)

    Better DAW Integration - Rewire capability would be huge.  Examples of using existing DAW side by side with ohmstudio.

    Geomap of users - online and offline - drill-able into profiles, etc. -  (friend, join project)

    Other Maps

    Instrument Map of Users        
    - eg: picture of studio  - click on the guitar - list of guitarists, click on a bass, bass guitarists, click on the mixer - list of rec/audio/mix people, click on a mic - vocalists, etc. -  (friend, join project)
    - sort this list based on order of instruments specified  in profile - drill-able into profiles to make connections (friend, join project),  expose intrument skill level allow grouping/sorting by this as well

    Music Style Map of Users - similar to above but selecting musical style preferred  (jazz. rock, etc - categories you have in profile)
  • From lance_the_sound_guy

    Improvement suggestions:

    I have raised these
    issues before but hoping to create some discussion on these topics and feedback
    from other users.

    More user level control for project management

    Problem: too many
    users open a project and do not contribute but are still marked as

    Opening a project should not automatically make you join the
    project.  once you open a project you
    should have the option to audition

    If a user decides they have something to contribute to a
    project, they hit a button (Call it Audition?) and then are able to record
    their parts. This user would  have the
    user level 'Auditioning' in the project

    If the admin likes the parts, they can accept that user and
    that would change the users status to contributor (As is now)

    You would end up with 3 user levels:

     - Auditioning 

     - Contributor

     - Admin

    Export and Profile pages

    Problem: Currently,
    when a project is exported, it makes a preview on the project page, but does
    not really impact the profile pages of the users.

    Profile pages at the moment persistently display half
    finished projects, and do not serve as a showcase of what any artist has achieved
    or participated in.

    More often, people will export a mix and take it to sound cloud
    or other similar streaming sites, and this can happen without any knowledge of
    contributors who then have no way of knowing what happened to their work or
    where to view it.

    Among other things, it also directs potential new users away
    from OHM when someone says "Hey go and listen to my song at sound cloud"
    instead of "Hey, come and listen to this song I made on OHM studio"


    1 - A new setting to PUBLISH the final mix.

    2 - Profile pages that list and streams all the published songs a user has been
    involved in

    Profile pages should have a landing page that does not list
    the unpublished songs the artists is working on, instead, it would have a play
    list of all published songs that they are marked as being a contributor in. (There
    could be a separate link to view the projects that are not published that the
    user is working on.)

    If the above user levels were in place, when a song is
    published, it would use the user level to determine on what profiles to be
    included in.

    More user editable or inclusions for profile

    It would be great to have the ability to upload more
    pictures, for equipment, historic band shots and even more information about
    the users. At the moment, compared to other social media, the profile and
    project pages seem very vacant and unwelcoming to the point where I really dont
    want to tell any of my friends about it.

    With the suggestions above, it would make user more willing
    to direct people (Not just OHM users) to their profile pages and create more
    exposure for OHM.

  • I would still like to see some incremental updates in the existing release such as displaying additional searchable and sortable fields of already available data on the pub and priv projects.

    Add a field for project state/stage  (eg: 1st cut, development, arrangement complete, master, final(published)

    1st cut                              - self explanatory
    development                      - song still being developed, not fully arranged, recording/tracks not yet complete
    arrangement complete        - song arrangement completed, may need to retake tracks
    master - song completed    -  post production mixing not completed

    Add a todo list functionality within a project
  • I put this post in Features Request, but also copied it here.
    It is similar to one of the points raised above by lance_the_sound_guy but a simpler approach.
    My point about users changing projects actually happened to me tonight. I opened it up and most was missing and other parts moved about. I was glad to be able to get it back from a snapshot.

    My suggestion relates to more precise control of contributors to a public project.
    It would be better if browsing users, who make no changes or additions to a
    project, are not automatically made into contributors.

    There is also another issue of users either accidentally or purposely changing a project without actually contributing anything.

    I believe that the changes I propose would not be very difficult to
    implement. You already store the names of contributors for each
    rack/track. So here are my suggestions.

    1) Do not automatically make a user become a contributor when they just open and close a project unless they create a rack. This of course means that it will not be added to their project list unless they create (not change) something.

    2) Only allow contributors the ability to create a new rack and only allow them to record/modify the racks they have created.

    An admin user will still have total control over everything. If a
    contributor wants more control they would have to request admin rights
    from one of the existing admins.

    I hope my suggestions will be of interest.
  • If  a user cannot become a contributor until they create a rack but you only allow contributors the ability to create a new rack then you're a bit stuck, surely?
  • No, you read me wrong. You become a contributor when you actually contribute something, but you would then be limited to only work on the tracks you created and not screw stuff up like some guy did to me tonight.

  • I'd rather see protection of track/rack content at that level, rather than at the user level.  A creator of a track/rack would set it to "private", "locked" or "open".  For "private", only they actually see it in the project.  For "locked", everyone sees it but only the creator can change it (e.g. where they want to retain control).  For "open" it's there and any contributor can adjust it for the overall work.  "open" would be the default state.
  • Can a contributor (not admin)  delete a private track of another user ?   Is this intentional or a bug ?

  • It's intentional. Track can be recovered through snapshots & abusive contributors can be kicked while restricting edition will ends up being a pita for everyone (people tends to forget how often they are contributors :P ). That being said, we agree that a private rack, not track, would be useful sometimes. That one wouldn't be deleted by anyone but his creator.