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Trololibute: Your feedback
  • We are organizing the first collaborative music-making sessions on next Tuesday night. Come meet 3 other musicians and make your tribute to this song by Mr. Trololo together! Just fill this form to participate.


    Hi all and let us first say thanks to everyone for downloading and using Ohm Studio.


    Let's face it: we ohmies love testing. Testing dyes on alive cat furexperimenting with pop corn reversion with an Ohm Boyz army, and even trying to sell some t-shirts... Of course, now we're testing this Ohm Studio thing. Testing the application (ok, still a few bugs, but we're on it), testing the servers (still missing a step sometimes, we're on it), and now testing... cohmunity management. Yup, that's you guyz! We plan to (metaphorically) park you in corrals, whip your backs and ride around you in circles on our horses while shooting at the sky (or at squirrels, because we hate squirrels, especially when they have tits). Do you get the picture? Nice, eh? Now keep this landscape in mind and play this very soundtrack. Nicer!


    For the few of you not is the know, you've just watched Eduard Khil, more famously known today as Mr. Trololo (guess why?). He who was a great singer and - as far as his interviews seem to tell - a great person, tragically left us a few days ago. Obviously, sir Khil has truly helped make the world a happier place so we told ourselves: "why not a tribute?". Because when you think about it, Ohm Studio is more than a sophiticated chat room: it's also a wonderful platform for tributes!


    That's why we created a project for you. Included the classic ""Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой" soundtrack, with some little work already done (tempo track, a few parts). Right now, you can create to clone the project and mess around with it with your friends! And if you have no friend, or if you're excited to make new ones out of internet unknowns, here's the catch: we're organizing a Tuesday musician speed date! Fill this form, tell us about your size, muscular description, oil preference, and more importantly, musical tastes, skills, and a preferred time to join in next Tuesday. We'll then group you in a corra... in a cloned project with three more talented musicians. If you manage to get along with the other idiots and actually make some decent track, expect to be mentionned in the next cohmunity update (which as we all know is a good way to impress ladies, at least when they're drunk).


    And don't forget: it's certainly about having fun but it's even more about learning how to make things fun in the future. So we need your feedback: do you like the idea, what's working for you and what is not, how did the speed dating go, etc. Anytime you have a thing to say (or a question), please post here!


    EDIT: Please make sure to be logged in when submitting. This is necessary to validate your subscription. Thank you.

  • Throw out your suggestions!
  • very funny article! thank you very much! and of course it s not just funny it`s a great idea! i would love to participate, but at the moment i`m not sure if its`s possible with my time . but anyway: thank you very much for your hard work and for your efforts in bringing the right (or maybe not the right :-) musicians together.
    normally i don`t chat at all, i got my 1st fb account since 2 weeks and after the second day i never looked at it again. short: i don`t like all this stuff.
    but a chat like in Ohmstudio can lead to very interesting results.more exactly: a chat like in ohmstudio is the first and only one for me. i testet it one time and really liked it. i`m living in the country side near vienna . not so far but most of the time to far to meet other people for a quick session. initially i started with electronic music because i lost my band collegues (actually this was a very long time ago) and with computers i realized i can be the whole band. and i love it every day more, i spend almost all my time with it, but in the last years i started missing some nice people to play with. (it`s not that nobody wants to play with me.. lol.. no! i get offers from very interesting musicians very often,but either it`s the time or the distance that makes it impossible. i think... i hope... i believe ohmstudio will help me to get closer to these people and even meet more of other like-minded.
    but there`S one problem left: i`m addicted to ableton, i know it inside out and i can work so fast with it like with no other DAW before. and as i said my time plan is very full and at the moment i`m in a very creative phase so learning a new DAW means stopping realizing the music in my head for a time. and thats something i don`t know how to handle. bla bla bla blabla bla. sorry! honestly i came from my 4th night in a row working as an audio engineer  in a club and i`m pretty drunk and i need to get some sleep. long story short: i hope i will find the time to dive in and i hope i see you on tuesday!!
    greetings from vienna andreas
  • I know you're writing the contest invite in a light and humoristic mood.. I would still recommend to refrain from comments such as:

    (which as we all know is a good way to impress ladies, at least when they're drunk).

    : You don't know all your users are either male nor heterosexual. It just plain unnecessary to mark this to yet another Male dominant territory (as pretty much all musically inclined communities). You don't need that. You want to sell a musical tool towards which ever user - no matter sex, gender, or sexual preferences. you want to build an open and welcoming community to all - not just some (male heterosexuals).

    I could laugh it off by "you guys just being french" (sexists) or "computer developing nerds" (lacking social skills and even basic knowledge of gender studies or feminism etc) - but that would just show equally prejudice and could possibly offend you...

    I'm just saying this to help you improve communication. You said you wanted feedback and I could not help my self commenting this.

    ps. I myself is both male and heterosexual. not that it matters.
  • Point taken (I made the joke). For the record I wrote it rather as a reference to popular culture (teenager making colleg bands to get the girls). That being said - and I am not thrilled to admit it - but just checking the Ohm Channel right now I am finding 0 (null) (nada) women. And I bet it's the same in the audio forums / blogs having interest in the Ohm Studio. It feels often odd to mention both genres each time I write something while actually I am not even sure there's one XX reading...

    (about sexual preferences I can't tell : Mauve Force wanted us to include it in the profile form but the others resisted.) 


  • Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домо


    hello,  i get alarms when the above examples are listed in a message.   What language is the first line?

    I am a bit of a troll and try to avoid my kind.   :0
  • Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in /home/ubuntu/build/2012-05-31-17-16/drupal/sites/all/modules/custom/ohmsolr/ohmsolr.module on line 123

    also,  when i click the  more  button under the " you may like  " section which is at the top right of the download page which lists 5 projects .

    i would like to see more projects, but the above message keeps popping up when the  "more " button is clicked on.

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  • yes,  there it is in the previous post,  clicking that   more button displays the fatal error message.   it's been like this even last week.
  • I'm working 12 hours on Tuesday and can't join in. Thanks for the invite. And a bit of background on Mr Trololo for the uninitiated. The video was shot during the cold war era.
    It was about an American cowboy
    traveling back home to his loved one, but the lyrics were censored as pro-western in Soviet-era Russia. Eduard Khil (Mr Trololo) decided to perform the song without the lyrics.
  • That's on wikipedia, but there is also this :

    Arkady Ostrovsky's son, Mikhail, gives another version of the vocalise story:

    Nobody banned its lyrics, but my father just composed the music during the period of his disagreement with Lev Oshanin. The latter told him that the lyrics are more important in a song and that a composer is nothing without a lyricist. So Dad told him during the argument, "Well, I don't need your verses at all, I'll manage without them."

    I think this story is funnier in a context of "musical collaboration" :P

  • On Eduard's death, it was reported on TV here in Australia that he had composed the piece himself, after a trip to the US.  The government appointed vetter didn't like the pro american sentiment in the lyric and forbid him to sing it.  So he went on anyway and trolololo'd and ha ha ha ha ha'd the melody. It'd be great if anyone could confirm which version is the truth, after all, the man is a legend!
  • Hey guys:
     Thanks for sending the collaboration, and I apologize for responding so late, and another excuse why I can not work with you, if I have really eager to start using this great, but right now, just this week, I was doing a little complicated, but I do not stop sending out invitations, which ofcourse must make music, and what better being online with ohm and with you. 

    In advance thank you very much, and it comes out good tribute, greetings from mexico, throwing all want the world, many tequilas and tacos with guacamole, health of you, and await the outcome of Mr. Trololo.bye.
  • indeed, this is material that I have published for magazines, theater, jingles, advertising, etc.. www.myspace / housestone course, here in Mexico,
  • [sorry for double-posting, but the other place I tried, my post was the only one, so I'm posting here too]

    Hello, I only got around to read that mail announcing the Trololibute
    today; the form we're supposed to fill out isn't accessible anymore
    though. does that mean it's too late to take part in the happening?

    Nice idea, anyway!

  • Hi guys,

    Subscription was closed yesterday but you could still join the sessions on demand! Ask an Ohm Boy (with a 'x_force'-like nickname) to invite you ;)

    Hope to see you tonight!
  • hi there
    just listenend the preview: really nice session.
    I was fighting with the latest update or I'd have joined at least

    keep the good work on buddies