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  • Hey I'm noticing that Christian music is not listed as a genre. A lot of my friends and I especially in the worship community would love to use this to collaborate across multiple churches and be able to connect with other artists in the Christian community. Let me know what you guys think. 
  • Or even religious if you wanted to be less specific. 
  • there are so many genres, and sub-genres, it would be impossible for them to include every genre ever.
    maybe an "other" option would be better.
  • Hi,

    As parricide said we chose to limit the number of tags so that search results can be more accurate and efficient.

    A workaround to this limitation is to add more details inside the project's description.
    For example if it's a Christian Rock project, you'd select the Rock tag and fill in the project description saying it's Christian music.

    By the way we're going to improve the web site's advanced search option in the next few months and hopefully people will be able to find exactly what they're looking for.

  • I would love to see Christian and Gospel as a genre. I feel if the iTunes Store recognizes it under their basic and limited list of Genres, then you guys can too. Although, I do see the plus in being able to search out a specific type of music regardless of the lyrical content.
  • in that case we need a Wikkan genre and Buddhist as well X_X

    imo the religion is subject...usually some other genre with the message as the theme

  • I second the vote for a Buddhist genre.

    But I agree that "Christian" is more of a description than a specific genre.  I don't see Charlotte Church and Tourniquet having much in common musically.

    Gospel would make sense as a genre, but honestly I can't see it or choir music or live taiko drumming being something most OhmStudio users would be focusing on.
  • Honestly, write in christian (profile or project or both) and it will be found back instantly by the search engine. Tags are just a quick helper when filling a form, but the description field is here to save us all if tags aren't enough.