this is big, it might hurt a bit...

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this is big, it might hurt a bit...
  • often coming into a project, mine or others, i find that someone has added a BUNCH of track/racks with nothing in them

    so, if there is a way to detect this...that when someone closes out of a project any empty tracks are deleted

    simple, but maybe hard to implement, idk...
  • simmerdown, I understand your concern. However, making it automatic seems a bit extreme, don't you think? We could create a "Remove all unused racks/tracks" sort of button in the Inspector for example... which is a common practice as far as I know.
  • i guess i dont see it as too extreme...they are empty tracks after all

    but! a button would be great, very good workable solution....hopefully people wil push it LOL

    thanks for listening c_f
  • Warning ! If you seen nothing, check out if there are no corresponding "!" VSTs added. Because say a user comes, make a very nice midi take on say a Discovery VSTi you don't own. Well, when you'll come later, you'll have a block that isn't actually an empty track but a track you can't edit because you don't have the plugin. Now if you delete it, you may make somebody cry...  :o3

    People : ALWAYS collab freeze your contributions, especially on a public project :P