Future Price for Ohmstudio

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Future Price for Ohmstudio
  • Generally speaking....ballpark price for Ohm when its out of Beta?





    just want to know before i spend a bunch of time learning the daw.....
  • Hi simmerdown,

    we'll soon let you know about the pricing.
  • Well thats important for me also. Your idea is so round. So beauty. You give some more freedom to art...
  • I assume : the more we potentially are involved, the lower the price might reasonably be !
    (P.S. j'adore enfoncer les portes ouvertes ...mais chhhhhhhut !)

  • yes, I agree that it is important to know scale of pricing. I would like to share this concept with another people I already know so we can collaborate - but future price is important.
    At the moment I regularly collaborate by sending Logic files backwards and forwards. Now an import utility from ProTools would be nice ;)
  • Please add bitcoin and dwolla as payment method. with a pricetag of 9,99 you don't pay transaction cost with dwolla. With bitcoin you pay peanuts. Great Idea this. Please have a subscription or one price to pay.

    PS it would also be nice if moneybookers.com was involved, because not everybody has a credit card our uses paypal. Me for instance.
  • I agree. Please add bitcoin. It's really easy to setup.
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