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Vicious Circle
  • worked ok last night...

    this morn i go to open and get the mssg that i need to DL the latest version...

    got the downloader again,

    ran it...

    got the slash saying it will not install..

    .'please leave a report' takes me back to the DL window

    back to top ^^^^^
  • Hi Simmerdown,

    Can you check any of these two processus are NO MORE running before re-install :

    To do so, use ctrl+alt+supp and open the task manager. Force quit if any of them is still running. 

    Please keep us post if issue persists. 

    Thx, Franck
  • thanks yellow_force ,that worked...why was i needing to reinstall though?
  • they made an update.. you will see lots of reinstalls as long as this is beta...