"Glass Encased Brain" would not bounce to project page

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"Glass Encased Brain" would not bounce to project page
  • Hi guys...
    We've (me and Jamie) have 'Brain' like 90% done, but I wanted to bounce a copy to my 
    project page...in the middle of the bounce, it stopped half way and the dreaded 'dos prompt error' thing came up
    I had to cancel it...
    Then logged out and back in and tried it again...this time no 'error' message' and it finished,
    but when I went to my project page....it did not bounce down....
    any ideas?
  • THanks PLJ...I went in and tried again to bounce to project page, since it bounced for you...but still get the error message (Dos prompt roaming etc)....and it freezes...
    Anyhoot...I went in and froze all the tracks, so maybe if you give it another try, all the instruments will sound with less audio artifacts....he he....
    thanks man
  • Thanks - I tried listening in OhmStudio after I'd switched all the tracks over to "play bounce" (it'd be nice to have a way to do this quickly for all the tracks...).  Unfortunately, it was still too much for my PC.  There's a fair bit more there now you've done the bounces.  (It also now clips in a few places but I'll leave that to you to fix ;)...)

    I've updated the MP3 link so you can hear what I can hear.
  • Thanks for the link PlJones...yeah, its about the same except for a solo at the end of the song that is on there now...

    As for the not being able to bounce to project page, it seems to be specific to "Glass Encased Brain' only...as I made a new song "Glass Encased Brain" (Mastered) and it bounced down without a problem....so for some reason there is something in the song itself that won't let me bounce it down.....but that is weird also as others can bounce the song down to their project page...

  • And 68654 is here...

    Can you "Batch bounce" the main audio output to a file or does that die, too?

    I wonder if clearing your samples cache would fix it?  (It'll certainly cause opening projects to take a long time...)
  • PLJ...yeah, it weird, I can batch bounce to my computer...thats ok...but just for this song...I cant bounce to project page...I thought about the cache files, I may try that...it wont hurt anything right?... Ive had to do that many times when it would not let me in or freeze during the scan...
    thanks man

  • pljones said:

    Thanks - I tried listening in OhmStudio after I'd switched all the tracks over to "play bounce" (it'd be nice to have a way to do this quickly for all the tracks...).  Unfortunately, it was still too much for my PC.  

    Hey PLJ. One thing to know: when you connect a project, Ohm Studio download samples and load plugins. When plugins are loaded, you can play but it unpack audio files in real time to play them. In the same time, audio files continue to be downloaded. During this phase, OSapp doesn't write any wav file on disk, it's a real time unpacking. So it may overload you CPU or your disk (a lot of write operations for download and read for unpacking). If it's cracky at this point, it's probably coming from your CPU.

    Then when everything is downloaded (3 quality versions of every audio - audio track + frozen tracks), if you doesn't play, OSapp begin to write wav files on disk. When these files are created, your CPU usage should significantly drop. 

    On these project (which is quite big I think), I had to wait for the full unpacking on disk to be able to play without cracks. Did you do the same ?

    Cheers, Franck

  • I waited for all the spinning to stop.  Is there any other indication?
  • Hum, no indicator for now. You have to check if your disk activity went down... Nerd way.
  • Oh... the joy of "silent" SATA drives.  Only the IDE channel shows on the drive light, too...

    I'll just give it 20 minutes after opening ;)
  • Hm, interesting.  Ten minutes after loading the project, looking in Windows Resource Monitor, no disk activity is being recorded for Ohm Studio.  In Task Manager, however, Ohm Studio Guest is showing CPU usage sitting around 40% overall -- whilst "doing nothing".  All four of my cores are showing a significant level of use, with one core around 70-80%.  On playback, usage goes up about 20% on all cores -- which means one is potentially being over-stretched.

    This is with audio tracks "unfrozen" but anything with plugins in the rack remaining "frozen".

    (On closing the project, CPU dropped to around 0%.)
  • Someone needs to tell that guy Harry, to quit writing such 'big' songs that really tax our computers...If I see the guy Ill slap him around a bit ... he'll get the message...I mean Ohmstudio can handle it, but he is killing our computers...why i ought to......Leave it up to me guys...Ill set him straight....hehe
  • The above post is a poor attempt at humor to enlighten a serious situation...read at your own risk...
  • Lol Harry ;-) 

    Plj, how is sound after disk activity stoped ?
    In fact, there is a cost for every audio track. We tried to bring it at the lowest level but it is still significant (for every frozen track, there is one "hidden" audio track). Collaboration means a bit more CPU I'm afraid. 
    BTW I think we can still optimize few points. 
  • Ugh, yes, might help if I'd actually mentioned that in the post!! ;)  Still crackles from the very moment "Play" starts.
  • So the sound crackles and one of your CPU is close to 100%, am I right ?

    That's a bit stange because I can play this project correctly with a 2x2Ghz which is quite a small CPU today. What's your CPU ? Maybe something wrong on the windows version.

    Is it better when you pick bigger buffer size ?

    Thank you!
  • Yes, it seems to be -- I don't actually see the overall usage hit 100% but of course that doesn't mean it won't miss posting a buffer, causing crackles due to under-runs.

    CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) 9650 Quad-Core Processor   2.30 GHz
    RAM: 4.00 GB (DDR PC2-6400)
    Disk: ST3500518AS 500GB 7600RPM SATA (regularly defragged)

    Crackles are heard with the following Audio settings:
    Engine: ASIO
    Input: Echo FireWire (2 channels)
    Output: Echo FireWire (2 channels)
    Sample Rate: 48000
    Buffer Size: 128

    Changing buffer size to 4096 made no difference.

    What I just noticed is that whilst there is no disk activity at the point I decide to click play, the disk activity then ramps up and stays high for a fairly long time after I stop play.  In fact, on double-checking, it doesn't appear disk activity starts until after I hit stop.

    With Sample Rate: 44100 and Buffer Size: 4096, average CPU for ohm_studio_guest is about 5% to 10% whilst not playing.  Peak usage (briefly) went above 30% on one core but generally stay around 10% to 20% whilst playing.  Still got some crackling (nowhere near as much).

    The update speed on the Windows resource monitor and task manager are not fast enough, of course, to see when a 4096 sample buffer at 44100 samples per second misses its time slot.

    I imagine you have to deal with one buffer per track (per stereo channel) each cycle regardless of whether it's producing audio - with about 30 tracks (excluding automation and ignoring stereo issues) in this piece.  The amount of crackling sounds like it's several misses per second - if 10% miss, that would be crackling at about 30Hz, if my maths is right... which would be about right.

  • Hey Guys,
    I dont know how this matters, but my computer will play the song, except...if I hear disk activity and I hit play, it will skip and stutter...I then stop and wait until the disk activity slows down or stops and then it will play allright....this usually happens when I first go into the song, and usually wont happen again....like I said, dont know if this matters, but is my experience...