When will OhmStudio 2 arrive?

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When will OhmStudio 2 arrive?
  • I'm a college student using bad Internet, and I think my imported .flac files aren't playing with the loading going forever. But I digress a little. I just wish OhmStudio 2 will be out soon, with offline functionality my main want. I just don't really like having to use the Internet even for a solo project or two. There is also the issue of the UVI Workstation bug in which you have to install an older version to use OhmPlug. I wish it just can be out soon. Sorry if I sound very angry, I'm just a little frustrated. 

    A tiny update: Right after I wrote this I found that the server is having issues, so maybe my playback is affected? All the same I wish offline functionality can allow me to import to the DAW itself, not necessarily the cloud. 

    Thanks for anyone who took the time to read this rant.