Wikipedia Entry for Ohmstudio !!! Looking for Contributors ...

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Wikipedia Entry for Ohmstudio !!! Looking for Contributors ...
  • Hiya Ohmies !!!

    There is a project underway to provide some more visibility to Ohmstudio to the world

    and to start with ... Wikipedia.

    "The Definition"

    One of the recent weekend events on Ohmstudio was a little different than past events.  
    This one included writing collaboration about Ohmstudio.  

    So Here We Go !!!

    Write collaboratively a wikipedia article about Ohm Studio and/or make a track along the theme "define Ohm Studio".
    Feng is the initiator of the wikipedia article project but he needs assistance from fellow ohmies who can assist with
    wikipedia knowledge as well as assist with translations to English from other languages

    There will be links in the Wikipedia article for both Ohmstudio instructional/educational materials/videos as well as
    musical selections from Ohmstudio Projects created for the theme.

    Please submit your contributions here on this forum.

    IMPORTANT !!   -   There is a two week deadline, so please submit your contributions soon !!!

    Feng and Mqe2345 are available to answer questions and facilitate, please send them emails, private chats with any questions.

    Thanks and long live Ohmstudio !!!       (Version 2 is being actively worked on and is coming ...) 

  • We need an american styled essay! Wikipedia has very very strong expectations!

    This is my second language, I tried to define the definition as follows. This is the Main Idea you could use it:

    Ohm Studio is the very first online, cloud-based realtime collaboration music-composer system with a respected community. We are playing and recording together worldwide in the same time by OhmForce, Paris.

    Million dollar GUI.
    Stars around
    Other softwares of the company.
    Musicradar, Future Music, KVR, etc links
  • Hi folks, 

    In case if it's a useful reference, not long ago I published two articles on remote music collaboration stemming from my PhD research on this topic.
    The first, more in depth piece was written for the Journal on the Art of Record Production while the second one is a short column published in the Sound On Sound magazine.
    Both feature some information on Ohm Studio alongside two other platforms facilitating music collaboration. Feel free to quote or reference them in the Wikipedia entry.

    - Crowdsourcing, Jamming and Remixing: A Qualitative Study of Contemporary Music Production Practices in the Cloud:

    The tyranny of distance is real, and many musicians want to overcome it:

    Martin K
  • Overview

    Ohmstudio is a music creation and editing software application – also known as
    a DAW (digital Audio Workstation).  

    Ohmstudio is a unique offering compared to other DAW’s,  supporting multiple simultaneous users in real-time.  It is a “hybrid” application leveraging both client server and web/cloud based processing and storage and is
    delivered via the Internet.    

    The unique design allows for a fast, feature rich, on-line/internet connected multi-user DAW supporting simultaneous real time editing/collaboration on songs or any audio contributions (speeches, voiceovers, any and all audio  production).

    The application runs on  both Mac and PC platforms and can be accessed and shared across the entire world wherever Internet is available.  

    If you are reading this Wiki entry, you should be good !

    The application can be downloaded at
  • > supporting multiple simultaneous users in real-time
    Please do not mis-use "real-time" like that. It supports multiple concurrent users in parallel with on-going inter-user synchronisation. This is not "real time" collaboration, as if in "real space". It's a bad idea to post something potentially misleading.

    Same with "simultaneous real time editing/collaboration".  Just "concurrent editing and collaboration" is enough, although this paragraph runs the risk of partly repeating the second.  Probably worth simply dropping that part.

    It might also be worth pointing out that, as audio uploading and downloading are required "any internet" connection isn't actually good enough -- you should really have an uplink capable of at least 512Kbps and a much better downlink.  Not everywhere does.  (And such speeds certainly are not needed to access Wikipedia.)  And even at those speeds, that only gets you low quality syncing for collaboration - getting the full quality audio up will take a significantly longer time.
  • Hello 

    We are there, in the same space, same time. Should considered as a realtime/hybrid system, because the midi progs, the faders, the volumes, the program/instrument changes are simultaneous and REAL-TIME. 

    I don`t think, it is our job, to define the definition anyway.
  • No, you're meant to reference your sources as it's a wikipedia entry, not just make stuff up.  The page would be an example.  Some of the reasons I object to calling it real time are listed in the section titled "Technical challenges" on that page.  There are more, obviously.

    Posting marketing pages on wikipedia is frowned upon.
  • I disagree with you PL, 

    It is not marketing.  It is informational and accurate.  

    Ohmstudio supports simultaneous real time editing and collaboration - I did not say instantaneous, just simultaneous.
    If you and I and others, all at the same exact time (in our own respective spaces) make contributions, changes, etc. and collaborate to make a song, it is not misleading to call this real time.

    It is not live real time jamming and that distinction can be made to clarify.

    The references are from the articles and PHD paper from Philosophy of Sound, so not made up.

    Almost every DAW manufacturer has a Wiki page and as I read them, they have much more "marketing flavor" to them then what is being put together here for Ohmstudio.

    I'm easy though, just trying to help, whatever works :)

    Feng is the author/owner for the wiki , I am just contributing.  Feel free to contribute as well :)

    Thanks !

  • Bandwidth minimum requirements should be specified - absolutely
  • concurrent instead of simultaneous is fine word smithing as well
  • Yes, local response to using your OhmStudio on your computer is as real time as any other local response to using a computer program on your computer.  Looked at that way, it's a bit irrelevant and not worth stating without clarification.

    OhmStudio does not need to be real time in the sense that real time video conferencing attempts it.  It's worth making that plain.  (A two or so second delay between the person sitting next to you speaking and you hearing them over video conferencing makes it clear how unlike "real time" video conferencing really is.)

    OhmStudio does not achieve real time collaborative document editing due to the insurmountable fact that large quantities of audio data take significant amounts of time to transfer between collaborators.  If you sing a new part, I cannot hear it in real time.  There is a long delay before I can hear to full quality audio.  This needs to be made clear if the phrase "real time" is used for anything at all on the page.

    Which leaves us with those UI changes.  Yes, these get reflected relatively quickly - more like a collaborative document editor.  The wiki page on collaborative document editing should be referenced and its cited sources should be read and referenced if appropriate... despite that page not being great...

    Oh, and I strongly agree about most product pages on Wikipedia.  The majority look cut-n-paste from product websites, usually with no citation.  The same is, sadly, true of a large quantity of other pages on Wikipedia (cut-n-paste, no citation).
  • : ) -

    Thanks PL.  Your points are entirely valid.  Do not want to mislead anyone.  The whole Wikipedia entry for Ohmstudio was an effort, on the part of red, to give ohmstudio more visibilty.  I discussed this with Feng and we both believe that it certainly will not hurt any and is  necessary component but certainly not sufficient, there are many other things that can be done to achieve that goal as well - eg:   marketing presence of some sort - same as other DAWS do.  

    Simple links or ad banner back to ohmstudio from soundcloud and spotify would help more than the wiki I think

    Waiting for feedback from Feng regarding the Wiki.

    Thanks again and good to hear from you !