Samples missing (wrong path) when working in collaboration

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Samples missing (wrong path) when working in collaboration
  • Hi,

    We are new to Ohm Studio (coming from the Cubase world)  and very enthusiastic to start creating music together with my friend. 
    However some issues are standing in our way, I searched forums but couldn't find anything:

    -We have carefully installed the same VST plugins and samples library (mostly Native Instruments) to have full compatibility for editing instruments and midi tracks together without the need to freeze tracks all the time (is this doable or too optimistic?).
    Now that we are nearly set, we face a quite annoying issue, when my friend logs on to the project, sometimes I get a pop up window saying something like : "Samples library/files missing, or wrong file path" then I get the choice to either scan my system files or to directly point out the right folder of my library. We realized that Ohm Studio is assuming that the path is my friend's library path file on HIS computer, which is obviously different than mine (in fact my friend's library is on his C: main disk,  while my library is on my D:  ...)
    This bug happens very often, on a different libraries... quite a struggle.
    Is there a workaround to this? I really don't want to move all my files to another folder just to match exactly my friend's filepaths...

    -Also we sometimes get crashes when editing the same instruments/tracks at the same time, is this a known issue ?

    By the way this is a great software and we are excited to get started. Looking forward to seeing improvements in the future to Ohm Studio!  :)>-