Ohmstudio not loading

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Ohmstudio not loading
  • Basically on startup it stops at the point of scanning plugins. No plugin names appear so I'm guess it doesn't even start to check them. It just hangs there

    So here's the backstory...
    • It's an iMac mid 2007 with Gb of Ram. OS 10.10.5 which is within spec
    • I've had Ohmstudio running fine on this computer before. 
    • I have been away from this DAW for a while and it would not start today. I then upgraded to latest Ohmstudio - still did not work
    • I have a MacBook which is a later model with 8Gb of RAM and Ohmstudio is working there.

    I have many VST's (all purchased and legal). Both machines have same VST's installed with a few exceptions. I think they test in alphabetical order: as a test I removed every VST beginning with A but no difference

    Anything else to try?
  • Does following the "how to reset" instructions help?
  • Tried that and I re-installed from a totally clean start (reboot too). Still not working - still hangs at the same place at the start of scanning VST's
    I notice that there has been no log files created yet and the plist file has not been recreated yet.

    I paid for lifetime membership so I have a while hopefully before my subscription runs out ;)