Crash on a test I done with Izotope VST

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Crash on a test I done with Izotope VST
  • Hi Ohmadministrator.

    I nomoret entry on my project "Classical Dream Izotope test" song...

    I work on this song to test the different Izotope VST I bought recently...

    I suppose that I have reach the limit of the number of VST used For OHM's songs (Around 70)

    During my work, I met a lot of crash each time I tried to add Izotope equalizer VST.

    My last actions were to remove the Izotope VST of all my Bus Tracks.

    Then I tried to duplicate a Solo guitar track  on my Lead's Bus , and since this action I was not able to do any actions, Immediatly I have a crash error.

    Can you tell me what are the maximal VST number authorize in one project..??

    Are you able to remove my last action and if possible tell me if the real problem is due to the VST or to Something else?

    Thank you in advance..

    Same as the title said, It was a test song... If you are not able to do Something I will not die...;-)

    Thank you in advance for your answers...

    Have Fun ;-)

  • I was finally able to delete the Lead tracks, I will continue with my test...But If you can confirm me the cause of the crash or the limitation of VST, please to let me know ;-)

  • The crash is back, it is really at the moment I add an additional Izotope VST...

    Are you aware about a no compatibility or a restriction of Izotope products with OHM???

    The fight goes on ;-)

  • I have perhaps found the origin of the problem ...Remember me a previews crash due to Superior drumer...I have deleted my 4 midi tracks and for the moment that's seems to be ok ;-)

    We will see