OHM studio can only export in .ogg format...

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OHM studio can only export in .ogg format...
  • So run your ogg file through an online converter and turn it into a .wav. or MP3.  What's the problem with that?

    ...or ...God forbid...fork out a little change and upgrade to a paid account for a while.

    OHM is way better than some of the other free sites in terms of what you get for free.  I love the collaborators here.  Any other collab. site I've tried it takes forever to get some help lined up.  Here there are some key players that have been very helpful and the turnaround is sometimes instant.  And I've tried to do the same for some of them.

    I've tried "KOMPOZ" and you just upload your track to a project... it's real impersonal and takes forever to build something.

    To me the fun is in turning ideas into music.... if the "format" of a file stinks... you have a couple ways to change it.  But this is a great place to learn the craft of recording and also the art of collaborating.  And with both of those, you try to do the best you can with whatever limitations are there.  So there are some limitations... welcome to life.  But it doesn't suck, it's free.  Free = freedom.   So learn a few tricks to work within "free" or learn to pay.

    You can do stuff for free with Audacity...but you have to do it alone...If you're multi talented you can do that...but to me a guitar player (like myself) who plays a little bass, is way different than having a guy or gal who's played almost nothing but bass to chime in on a song.  It adds something you don't get without those years of dedicated playing.  You can program a drum track, but it's not a track by our "drummo" or any of the others.

    I purchased LOGIC for my mac.  Cost a bunch, and it's me and my talent against the technology.  Here it's different.   If I just want to sing, I sing.  If I just want to put down a scratch track and others get interested, it turns into something nice.  There are people here just itching to do the mixing...because they are learning their craft.  

    It's only "ogg" if you download it as a free subscriber.  Actually you can capture a playback mix as a wave using audacity if you want to, but an online ogg to wav converter is probably better.  Or there's always the $$ thing.

    Soundtrap is another one I tried.  It seems to me to be for beginners.  Auto sets levels, filters background noise automatically, and you get 5 projects before you hit the money line.  It's not terrible, you can do something pleasing there, but you'll never get what you get here at OHM done on that interface.  

     Talent shines anywhere, in any format.  But if you need to do a lot of editing, OHM is way better, and a big dollar package might be better still, but Ogg isn't a good enough reason say this stinks.

    Dave Fowler

  • Thanks I'll try a online converter, It's just a hassle. I never heard of a .ogg file before, I guess they have to make money somehow.. It is a cool program and concept like ninjam is in reaper.. I think a lot of other daws will be doing this in the future.