Looking for female pop vocals, bass, guitar (acoustic & electric)

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Looking for female pop vocals, bass, guitar (acoustic & electric)
  • Hello to all of you out there in internet land - in the physical realm looking for connections here to create collaboratively. 
    Being a full-time professional recording engineer at my own studio (Bongo John Studio natch), I'm hoping to reach out to the great & diverse talent found here at Ohm Studio.  Looking for serious collaborators only...

    Many of my tracks/drum videos/etc can be found on the Bongo John Website
    Please message me if you are interested in collaborating.
    Thanks for your time & efforts in advance...
    Bongo John
    Recording Engineer/Producer

  • Hey John,

    Welcohm Ohm (ok, that's a bit cheesy but really, what else to say ?)

    You'll find here a mix of "resident" addicts and a flow of more occasionnal user. I hope you'll enjoy both.

    A good way to meet new peopl are the weekly event every friday evening (typically starting 9PM GMT and the following 8 hours). You'll see a banner when it happens.