Looperman Loops in Ohm Studio (Free Software)

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Looperman Loops in Ohm Studio (Free Software)
  • If you use loops downloaded from the web. Then there is a great site
    called looperman.com which has over 50,000 loops available.

    I have written a Java app which will let you search looperman.com
    and then drag the loops directly onto a track in Ohm Studio.
    This runs on both Windows and Mac.
    This is not a VST plugin. You run it alongside Ohm Studio.

    You do not need a Looperman account to run this.

    You are welcome to try it by going here:


    Please let me have your feedback.

  • I thought I had a problem with wavs on Windows but it must have been finger trouble on my part. I got it to work on Windows XP.

  • I have updated CrapperLoop so that it can also download acapellas from looperman.com.

  • Great tool! I feel I'm looping happy
  • Final version has been uploaded to my web site.
    A few improvements:

    Ohm Studio "skin".
    Search for Acappelas added.
    Order By pulldown menu added. You can show search order by downloads to show most popular samples.
    Scroll bar on Windows has been fixed.
    Application stays on top. Like a VST plugin does.
    Font size reduced. Reduces overall window size.
    Min and Max BPM labels were in wrong place. Fixed.

    My work here is done!
  • Clearly my work here was not done.
    There was a small bug where the dragged wav files had 50ms added to the beginning of the wav.
    This has now been fixed.
    I am also working on making this into a VST because on windows if you use asio4all you will not be able to hear the preview when CrapperLoop is running as an external program.
    I will keep you posted. Download latest versions from here:


  • The VST version has now been created. Many Thanks to elieserdejesus for his brilliant work in converting CrapperLoop into a VST.
    The VST is for windows only and overcomes the problem that asio4all users have, where system sound can not be heard. Sound has to come from Ohm and a VST cures this.
    So 2 versions are available.
    Standalone for Mac and Windows without asio4all.
    A VST for Windows with asio4all.
  • Elieser has come up with a re-designed version of CrapperLoop with a few new features.

    Browse Local Files for wav's and mp3's
    Preview Stop/Start button
    Re-order columns
    Preview is streamed for quicker playback

    If you want to try it you can get it here:


  • We love it here. If you and/Elie we should discuss about integrating it in Ohm Studio.