Bouncing a track with another track solo'd results in an empty collaboration track

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Bouncing a track with another track solo'd results in an empty collaboration track
  • We noticed this today while getting together to work out out our recording problems and workflow.

    Bouncing for collaboration should ignore the track mute and solo options, but it does not.

    To reproduce:
    - Record a number of tracks with effects, or MIDI tracks with applied instruments
    - Solo one of the tracks
    - Select a different track to collaboration-bounce it (the '*' icon) with effects/instrument applied

    Expected behaviour:
    - The collaboration-bounce contains the audio of the track with the effect/instrument applied
    - Other users see the synched audio

    Actual behaviour:
    - As the track is solo'd, it seems that the collaboration-bounce results in no audio and the track is shown as empty

  • "Bouncing for collaboration should ignore the track mute and solo options, but it does not."

    Actually we didn't design it that way but this can be discuss. The thinking here is "what you hear is what you get" - after all lots of people use mute on tracks they want remove without loosing their content. If those were popping back on bounces you'd expect issue. 

    I am curious to know about your feedback on this. Why do you want to bounce muted tracks ?
  • Hi Red,

    This is just based on our current understanding of Ohm Studio, and I can quite imagine that there is more complexity that we are seeing.  But let me try to explain.

    For general bouncing of tracks, I agree: what you want to bounce is what you want to hear.  For bouncing a final mix, for example. Or for combining a couple of tracks that you are happy with in order to reduce the complexity of your project.  I can imagine that there are far better ways to achieve the same effect, though, and it isn't like you are working on an eight-track where track space is everything.

    For collaboration bouncing, however, the goal is completely different.  You want another collaborator to hear a track in the mix, so that they can work around it.  They can't hear anything until you bounce it to audio.  It is *really* confusing for beginners to bounce a track when asked, and while working on something else, and have *nothing* come back.  That looks like a bug -- and I'm not wanting to belittle your fantastic effort but there are quite a few of these oddities with OS, which is why I was trying to report them.  I was definitely wanting to purchase Ohm Studio, and to then go on to pay for hosting, but these problems and instabilities are currently making me cautious.

    If you have a rack with multiple audio tracks, effects, etc, then maybe you want to bounce the whole thing down to a single collaboration bounce.  And that's okay for advanced users to understand.  However, interfaces designed to be confusing to beginners either get adapted or don't get adopted!

    Thanks for producing a very exciting and ambitious product, by the way :-)

  • Oh, yes, just to clarify one further point: we use solos/mutes quite a lot while fleshing out parts of the music.  There's going to be nothing approaching a final mix until really late in the project, and there's solos and mutes all over the place while other tracks get recorded or get effects or instruments tweaked.